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My guinea pig died today.

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May 5, 2012
Hi! As the title says, I'm new here and my guinea pig just died.

He was a beautiful smooth haired,my only smooth haired.
Well, at least I still have 6 more piggies. They're all abyssinian piggies.
Unfortunately, icecloud(the dead Gpig)'s dad doesn't miss him at all.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Oh well. I'm over it now. It's a shame though, because he was only
2 months old.
Oh well. I'm over it now. It's a shame though, because he was only
2 months old.

Wow, no offense because I am not trying to be rude at all but this seems awfully callous! I lost one 8 YEARS ago I still miss terribly!
Sorry. Didn't mean it that way. I still miss him alot but it's just that I dont
cry that much when I think of him anymore. He died so suddenly, sometime
Overnight. I don't even know why.
I understand. My husband is the same way. He doesn't really show his feelings. Was he housed with another pig? Were there any signs of anything before he died? Like runny nose? Lethargy? Anything?
Hmmm... I didn't notice any signs, but he was put in a box with his dad and his brother
from another litter. I did see, though, there seems to be a circle of yellow stain around his
private part. Also, I noticed his belly was rounder than the others. plus the fact that his
Dad always seem to rumble when he sees icecloud, but I'm positive iceclouds a boy.
What do you mean in a box? Also, you need to know why he died just incase it was an illness. If it were caused by some kind of illness there is a high probability that the others that were exposed to him (Icecloud) will either already be sick or will be sick soon. Is there any way you can get a necropsy done? How long ago did he die?
i have to step in early on this - this is a story that sounds pretty out there, and the comment about being "over it" is a pretty inflammatory comment to leave on this site, along with sating they're house in a box. i'm wondering about the validity of the post. . .warning bells going off in my brain. . .
Um, his brother from another litter? His dad? Are you breeding? This is an anti-breeding/pro-adoption forum. If you are deliberately breeding, you to educate yourself on why this is a bad idea.
No, I wasn't breeding. We adopted them and then separated the males and females too late.
(2nd litter)And also, we don't have another cage and were planning to sell the males and no matter how I try, my parents don't see why we should get another cage. But now we're keeping the Males too because I can't stand to lose another Gpig so we're going to get a new cage as soon as we can. When we adopted them there were both parents, 2 baby fem. 1 baby m.
1 last thing, I have no idea why icecloud died.
Also, icecloud seemed weak when he was born. He died on the 5th of may.
Folks, this is a 12 year old kid. Take that into consideration before getting your hackles up over a comment about being "over it." S/he doesn't mean it the same way it would be intended from someone older. Stop jumping all over people for comments you don't like, it's off-putting and unnecessary.
She is a mod, and upon registration this forum asks for your age.
See? Magical Mod/Admin powers!!! like magnets...
one of the frustrations about posting, and electronic correspondence in general, is that often people just post a question, or comment, or tell a small piece of a larger story. it wasn't any one comment i was "jumping on" (with all due respect), but just the feeling that this was a larger, more complicated story that raised a lot of (what i think are troubling) questions and concerns. maybe it's just me, but when i post, i do try to give all the important info, so if i'm asking a questions, others have some idea of the situation, so they can help me. in the initial post, there was no question asked, just an opening post that included info about her pig dying. so, it's hard to know how to respond to the poster. none of us knew anything about age, or gender, but what was posted did raise some questions and concerns, at least for me. when we all you have are pieces of the story, that's all you have to respond to,m although it wasn't clear that the poster wanted any response. so frustrating, trying to figure this stuff out through electronic postings. . . :sad: Geez, i hope that makes sense!
@(broken link removed) Thank you for the info. I will take that into consideration.
(broken link removed) I had the same concerns, and I agree. Sometimes it's hard to undrestand the written word without getting the body language/tone of voice with it.
(broken link removed) When you post, it's helpful if you tell the whole story. That way, we know where you are coming from. We don't "know" you yet, so it's hard to understand when you say you're "over it". Also, if you can't provide proper housing for the 6 pigs, you should really consider re-homing some of them. I'm sorry I (we) misunderstood your post. I didn't intend to be mean. My only concern is for the welfare of the animals.
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