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My guinea doesn't like her new cage



My guinea doesn't like her new cage

I put her in for a bit tonight, the babies love it, running and jumping, climbing into the polar fleece hat. But Buddy went crazy, up on her hind legs chewing the bars trying to get out, she wouldn't even eat her treats :(

Do I need to gradually transition her? Or what? fThe cage she's in is too small with the babies, and they are only getting bigger.
Re: My guinea doesn't like her new cage

Give her time an she'll adjust. Make sure you have plenty of hidey houses.

Yesterday, I put her in the new cage for some play time, acclimitizing, sorta time, i put a plate of veggies. She brought some to her babies, then chowed down. I added a hidey in there too. I left them alone, so that they weren't stressing about some one watching them. As usual the babies tore around like a bat outta hell..lol... and mom started to chew on the cage then noticed the hidey. Later, I came and checked, they were all cuddled up napping. They've been there ever since...:rolleyes:
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