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Crusty Eyes My GP's eye is getting worse


Cavy Slave
Nov 12, 2011
Last week i noticed my guinea pig's eye (Diesel) started getting really dry around the edges. I gave her some Ivermectin because that has always seemed to clear up anything wrong with her. I went away for a few days and took her to her babysitters place & we got back this morning and now Diesel's eye is starting to squint and her hair around her eye is gone and it's really crusty and dry. She is able to still blink though, luckily. I put some warm water on a paper towel and tried to gently wipe it off and just keep it moist but it's not doing anything. It doesn't seem to be the same kind of crusty eyes everyone is talking about on here because we can't wipe it off with warm water. I took a photo of both her eyes so you can see the difference but i'm new here so i don't know if they will upload. Everytime we take her to the vet it costs us 200 bucks and they never know what to do for her, even though i always take her to people who say they "specialise" in guinea pigs. I just can't afford to do that anymore so i really need someone to help :(


Her Bad Eye.jpg Her Good Eye.jpg
Eye problems almost always need to be seen by the vet. They can turn serious very quickly, and may result in having to have the eye removed. That looks like a fungus infection to me, and will probably require prescription medication since it does involve the eye. I know it's expensive, but taking her for treatment now will certainly be less than any surgery to remove the eye if it gets worse.

Ivermectin will only treat parasites -- mites, lice, fleas (not very well), etc. It's good when used for what it will help with, but is very strong medicine and shouldn't be used for other things.
Yeah i know she will need to see a vet, but i needed an idea on what it could be. It's not paying for the vet that i have a problem with, i've spent almost 1000 bucks on her at the vets so far, and she's only 7 months old. It's the fact that i've spent all that money and not once have they been able to help her. They always give her medications that don't work that she apparently "needs" every day. The only thing that ever worked was Ivermectin, and i have someone who rescues pigs who has helped her heaps and said it could still be a mites and lice problem, and thats why we tried her on ivermectin again, but when it didn't start working straight away like it usually does i didn't give it to her again and that's when i decided i should ask if people have seen it before.

I just can't pay for the vet this week because i don't get paid till friday and i only get paid 200, and it's gonna cost almost that to take her to the vet, but i need to pay rent and our bills as well. My boyfriend and i are full time students so it gets frustrating paying all this money and putting her on meds that don't even work and getting no where because the vets know nothing.
Could you possibly find a new vet? If you are unhappy with this one, it sounds like it is time for another one. At the top of the page is a "find vet". Maybe that could help you find another one or post on here where you are and members could help you.
Well we have been to about 5 or 6 different vets so far and then i found the lady who does rescues and works from home and shes been able to help for ages now, but this eye problem she's not too sure about and said we need to find a vet. So i don't know what to do. All the vets we have been to have just been extremely rough with her and don't know what they are doing, and some even told me it's the first guinea pig they have seen even though they told me when i rang to book the appointment that they do treat guinea pigs there. I'm scared to try any other vet now. She's a very timid little piggy and she's always had it rough with medical problems and she doesn't cope well with the vets. And putting her through all that when they can never seem to find the problem worries me a lot.

I will however try the "find a vet" thing on here. I live in queensland australia and i have a feeling this is an american site so i'm not sure if they have vets around the world but i shall check it out :)

We have other piggies that haven't had any problems, it's just diesel that seems to suffer with everything :(
Does your friend have a vet she trusts to use for the rescue? I know there are members from Australia on here. Coud you post "Need a good vet in Queensland" under the section from Australia and see what you come up with?

Moderator Aertyn is from Mel bourne. Anywhere near you? Maybe she could help.

Or out of the 5 or 6 you have seen, is there one you like above the rest that maybe could help?
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Contact other guinea pig rescues in Australia and see if any of them has a list of recommended vets that specialize in exotics.
A lot of vets say they treat guinea pigs but don't specialize in them or have the extra exotic training to back it up. Basically, they will see guinea pigs because someone brings a guinea pig in for them to see. You need a vet the specializes in exotics most of the time these vets will have the word exotic in their title. I'm in America but I found this vet, I'm not sure what city you're in but this is in Brisbane, they have a section on their website devoted to guinea pigs so that is a good sign! Just keep looking or try calling one of the vets you've already seen and asking for an exotic specialist they recommend.
Did any one of the vets you saw give any evidence of being willing to learn about guinea pigs? Perhaps they might be willing to arrange a telephone consultation with a certified exotic vet, and the pictures of her eye could be emailed to them.

I doubt that treatment would be too expensive -- it probably just needs an ophthalmic antibiotic or antifungal salve.

Why don't you go post this over on GuineaLynx (www.guinealynx.info) on the Emergency and Medical forum and see if any of the folks over there have any ideas. I know there have been a couple of threads recently about eye problems, and some of the long-time rescuers there have seen just about everything there is to see.
Thanks everyone, i have been to a few exotic vets already and had no luck. I'm an hour above brisbane, but i just remembered i do know a second guinea pig rescue place and i might ask them since they treat severe cases of guinea pigs. If i don't have any luck with that i will post asking if anyone knows vets in the sunshine coast area. And the lady i see did say before that theres a vet near me that might be able to help, so i might ring them and have a talk to them and sus them out before i take her there.

But all the vets i have been to say that they are either exotic vets or specialise with guinea pigs, and not one of them knew what to do with a guiena pig. One of the vets ended up shaking her to try stop her from moving, and when he did that i just wanted to cry cause she was squealing in pain :( The lady i see that does rescues couldn't believe what medications they gave diesel and all the tests they put her through. But i guess i have to keep trying to find a decent one, cause if there is ever an emergency i need someone that i can trust and that i've been to before.

Thanks again everyone, i hope this other guinea pig rescue place will be able to help.

But has anyone seen this is guinea pigs before?
I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience with the vets. I think I'd have shaken the vet who shook my pig, and I'm certain I'd have taken the pig out of her hands and walked out without paying any bill. Please don't ever go back there again.

Do ask the rescues for a recommendation, and you might ask if they have any experience with this eye problem.

As far as anyone seeing it, it's hard to tell from a picture what it is -- it could be fungal, it could be bacterial, but there's no way to know from a picture.

My advice to you in post #9 is the best I can give you -- go post this, along with the pictures, at Guinea Lynx. The folks over there have a ton of experience with guinea pigs. Many have run rescues for many years, and have seen every sort of mistreated and disease animal come in needing care. If you're going to get help on the internet for an eye problem, that's the place to do it.
Thanks heaps, i will try that next. Also getting the second guinea pig rescue to have a look at the photo. But will probably book her into a vet as well, it will be good to keep trying to find a decent vet anyway. She's timid, but she's a strong girl, luckily. :)
Thanks heaps, i will try that next. Also getting the second guinea pig rescue to have a look at the photo. But will probably book her into a vet as well, it will be good to keep trying to find a decent vet anyway. She's timid, but she's a strong girl, luckily. :)

Before scheduling an appointment with a vet who claims to treat exotics, ask about how many guinea pig per month they treat. Explain that you've already seen 5 vets who treat "exotics" only to find they do not. One of the first times I had to have a vet appointment, I called to schedule a visit with the vet near me. The receptionist told me that he did specialize in exotics, took my number and called me back with the name of the vet he recommended. A good vet will do that for you. There's nothing wrong with you screening them before you schedule an appointment since you are the one paying for their services.
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