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Fleece my fleece order advice before i place it.

casey's mommy

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Oct 24, 2009
i am working on making a comforter for my 2 by 4 cage (56" by 27"). i went to fabric.com and found this
Fleece Sleepy Moon Royal Blue - Discount Designer Fabric - Fabric.comhich i want to put on the top and bottom so i am ordering 2 yards

and this
Diaper Flannel White - Discount Designer Fabric - Fabric.com want to sew into the middle. i am ordering 4 yards so i can do a double layer.

under this i would still have a layer of towels and a layer of news paper. does this seem right?

please any advice would be great. i know people are suggesting u haul but i want to order it all in one order from fabric.com so it all comes at the same time and i can get free shipping.

thank you for your time and advice
decided to just order the fleece and get the batting later. thanks
I really like the pattern on the fleece. I bet it'll make for a really cute cage.

If you have a fleece liner with an absorbent middle, then you don't need the towels and newspaper underneath. My liner is fleece, u-haul pad, fleece all sewn together and it works great.
oh man that would make clean up so much easier. need to get some of these u haul pads
do you use one layer of uhaul pad or 2?
I only have one layer of u-haul pad. To be honest, I couldn't imagine sewing through 2 layers of padding AND 2 layers of fleece.

My cage is 3x5 and houses 3 piggies. The pad lasts me a week before I have to change it out for a new one. It could probably go longer, but I'm just in the habit of cleaning the whole cage every weekend.
That fleece is super cute!!
I just ordered my fleece. i found this coupon code THX212 gave me a 5.27

so i got the free shipping without paying the 35 :)
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AHH! I use to be so addicted to Fabric.com! =D

No shipping either? Good deal!
@casey's mommy - Glad you got your fleece ordered. You'll have to show us what it looks like when it's done.

@spy9doc - I hope it works out for you this time. Fleece does make cleaning time a lot easier, so keeping my fingers crossed for you...and can't wait to see pictures when it's done.
I agree! fleece/uhaul/fleece is the best way to do it. I use two different patters on each side to give me a choice when doing my cage as well. =D
Ordered (broken link removed) for middle layer. I'll see if it's going to work better then my firs liners (2 fleece layers+1 mattress pad). I have to change them every 4 days.
Next project is going to be 1 fleece+1 Zorb+ 1 washable puppy pad Amazon.com: EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad 47" x 47": Pet Supplies

that was my first combination. i with to ace hardware and they said they had the u haul(different name but same concept) on order so i can pick it up next week. its twice the price as u haul though so i might just go get one tomorrow at u haul.
How long your first combination last before you have to clean the cage ?
sorry i meant that the way you did it was the same as the way i did it. i havent tryed zorb yet.
picked up my uhaul pad today, thursday is taking far to long to get here!! think i will pull the hem out of my current cage liner and resew them with the new pad. maybe flip them inside out when i do it.
getting my fleece tomorrow!!! i cant wait. and my hubby got me a bunch of needles for my sewing machine. think he is ready for me to do something with the u haul pads that have been waiting on the unused chair in the dining room. so excited!!!!
picked up my uhaul pad today, thursday is taking far to long to get here!! think i will pull the hem out of my current cage liner and resew them with the new pad. maybe flip them inside out when i do it.

I flipped mine inside out and sewed three sides and then flipped right side out to sew the fourth side, i loved the way it looked! I then sewed a line around it all to make a flat seam. spy9doc suggested ironing as you go along also. I did two layers of uhaul pad and i only broke two needles over doing two sets (downstairs and upstairs comforters x2) and needles are pretty cheap, so no big for me. It also wasn't all the fabric, i'm not an expert on the sewing machine and mine is old and a bit grumbly. It's seemed to work well to flip midweek, etc, and i haven't noticed any odor or pee soaking through at all. I think we might have talked about this before, but try also making pee pads to go under hideys or places they pee a lot so you can pull those more often and wash instead of having to wash the whole cage liner more often. Have fun, i know i did! :) Now if i could just stop buying cute fleece patterns...
Have you washed the uhaul pads and fleece? They shrink! So wash them before you cut and sew them.

Enjoy sewing!
i washed the uhaul pads and they almost seemed to fall apart from looking at the stuff in the lint trap but they are whole. i havent gotten my fleece but when i do i will pre wash it as well.

on the old liner i just added some u haul and it was to much for my machine. i broke 4 needles before deciding to had sew it.
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