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Grooming MY first long haired pig! Questions about grooming...


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Oct 26, 2011
So...I already had eleven pigs and yesterday my best friend mentioned that her cousin had a piggie that he was allergic to and was looking for a new home! Well, long story short I took one look at her and fell in love and now she is home with me. The only long long hair is all on her butt and back and I'm not quite sure how to care for it. She has a few mats. Should I cut it out or try to brush it out?

She also jumps and tries to run everytime I touch her and bites ALOT and very hard. Any tricks on how to try to stop that?
I cut the butt hair of my long haired pig more than any other hairs... butt hairs get dirty and wet from pee and can cause a wonderful environment for UTIs and fungal infections. I tried scissors on my Peruvian and she flipped out, so I bought electric hair clippers. I use a 1/2" guard for her butt and just buzz away. The clippers are quiet and do the job in seconds.

Tips: Be careful that no pig extremities/skin gets into the clippers, and occupy their front end with veggies so they can chomp on them instead of your fingers.

ETA: You should also brush her often to prevent future mats from forming.
I would cut them out. Trying to brush them out will hurt and stress her. When I had my Peruvian I cut his hair monthly because he hated his long hair. He was always so much happier when his hair was short.
She's probably biting because she's scared and in pain from the mats. Running away and biting when being thouched could also be a sign of mites, I've heard.

ETA: When I cut my pigs hair, he was very still so I got away with using scissors. He also would not tolerate being brushed, so I made sure his hair was short enough not to mat.
Yes, try to cut out the mats. If they are too close to the skin you may have to wait until they grow out a bit. You could try clippers like SurfingPigs suggests. I also recommend keeping the hair trimmed pretty short, since most long haired pigs hate being brushed.

And definitely treat for mites.
Here's a few photos of her! In the second photo you can see the big cow lick on her butt. [GuineaPigCages.com] MY first long haired pig! Questions about grooming...[GuineaPigCages.com] MY first long haired pig! Questions about grooming...[GuineaPigCages.com] MY first long haired pig! Questions about grooming...
I hold my long haireds like a baby upright, facing away from me. I can trim the fur near their bottoms easily without them flinching. For some reason, they relax when I sit them like that. I keep the upper layer of hair long but sometimes trim around the edges if it gets too long.
Okay, so trim the hairs up? I think I'll have to use clippers.

Also, I'll post a video of her when I try to touch her.
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