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C&C My finished cage~


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Apr 27, 2012
I've been working on this cage and I think I'm finally done!

Currently there's only one baby living in it (Bailey), his cage-mate died on friday :( In a few weeks we'll go check out shelters and see about getting him another boar buddy, Bailey is sick and on antibiotics right now so I don't want to bring in a new pig right now.

Safety is my primary concern right now so if there's anything about this you find unsafe please let me know! I'm on my THIRD hay rack. First hay rack was just a V shaped cube grid, but Bailey kept ending up in it and I was afraid he'd get hurt. So I took that down. Next thing I tried was a vertical hayrack made out of cube grid, so folded on 3 sides and tied to the cage, I figured there was no way he was getting in THAT one. Well, I was wrong... we found him in that rack too. Turns out that since he's still so little, he fits through the cube grids and he's especially motivated to get at the yummy hay! So back to the drawing board. I figured I'd sew him a pouch. I'm NOT very good with a sewing machine but a pouch seemed easy enough, so I sewed him a little bag out of some quilt squares I had, 4 squares on each side, and it has a triangle opening in the middle for him to get the hay. I added some grommets at the top, and now I need to figure out a place to buy some hooks! But anyways, you'll see on the photos, it took less than a minute for me to find Bailey INSIDE the new hay bag. At least I figure it shouldn't be able to hurt him, there's nowhere for him to get a foot caught etc. I did have to move the litter box to under the loft though, when he climbs the bag he's too close to the top of the cage and I'm afraid he'd jump out!

I also ended up sewing two complete sets of fleece liners for the cage. They're one layer of fleece, 2 layers of uhaul pads, and then a fleece backing. I have two for the bottom, and two smaller ones for the loft. I also sewed him a couch/bed, and a sack. (Both from tutorials on this forum: https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/43953/

The ramp I used is the Easy Ramp design shown here:
Easy Ramps, #01 - Guinea Pig Cage Photos

I also sewed a ramp cover, it has a layer of uhaul blanket to give it a bit of shape, and a fleece top. It's attached to the top of the ramp with velcro, it's solid. At the bottom I sewed a little fleece pocket and slip it over the bottom of the ramp to make sure that stays put. If I make a 2nd ramp cover, next time instead of a pocket I'll make it a full slip on and I'll make a built in fleece forest under the bottom tunnel of the ramp.

Other than that, I sewed a few extra pads to put under the water bottle, my final plans are to make some inserts to put in his pigloo/cuddlecup/bed so that I can just wash those more often, but right now I'm ALL sewed out. Whew.

[GuineaPigCages.com] My finished cage~[GuineaPigCages.com] My finished cage~[GuineaPigCages.com] My finished cage~[GuineaPigCages.com] My finished cage~[GuineaPigCages.com] My finished cage~
Wow! I love your cage! Your piggies are sure lucky! I love your fleece too!
Thank you! The fleece came from Walmart, it was a "make your own blanket" set they had, it was 15$ and came with two coordinating huge fleeces, enough to make two full sets of liners and lots leftover :) The yellow fleece I got for a few bucks in a Salvation Army type store :) Looking at the pictures I just noticed that the hay rack accidentally coordinates with the fleece, hah! Happy accident! (Those quilt squares came from Walmart too!)
That is a ridiculously amazing cage!!!!! I love all the fleece colors, and that picture of Bailey in the hay bag, SO cute. Ours would totally sit in that too. They love pulling all the hay out of their racks and rolling around in it, snoozing in it, just making a mess. :) What a great job!!!! I'm sorry about you losing your other pig on Friday. That's always so hard. I hope you find a new friend for your piggie once he's feeling better and they have long and happy lives in that amazing cage.
Really great job on everything. Lucky pig you got there!
Your cage looks great!! I am HOPING to get my baby/babies tomorrow afternoon or friday & I will be building a cage similar to this.
We had them before when I had pigs but it was a BEAST to make. I am hoping it goes smoother this time!
any advice/tips?
No advice... we bought cubes from two different places, Home Depot and Walmart... we noticed that the connectors on the Walmart cubes were MUCH easier to use than the ones from the Home Depot (they were closet maid I believe?). Seriously, I threw a connector across the room in frustration, they were really horrible. If I had to deal with those again I think I'd just rather zip tie the whole thing than try to get those to work :) Other than that it was pretty simple to set up, I thought cutting/measuring the coroplast was the hardest part really!
How does he get up to the platform to get to the ramp? Does he jump?
He just kind of scrambles up there! Instead of making a 90 degree angle on that step I made it on a slope, but I still assumed that I'd need to place a block or something beside it to help him up since he's so young, but he got up there just fine right away. I put some hay on the upper ramp to entice him to climb up there and he did it with no hesitation, he's quite the little acrobat. The kitchen area used to be at the base of the ramp in that corner by the water bottle, but Bailey was jumping off the ramp into the hay bag (wheeeeeee!), I moved it to stop his kamikaze acts.
lol cute, my gemini also liked to climb into the hay racks. funny little stinkers... LOVE YOUR CAGE AND FLEECE(the birds). great job well done
Where did you get the bed up in the loft? I want one!!
I sewed it yesterday following this tutorial:

It's not perfect but Bailey doesn't seem to mind :) I am really bad at sewing you can sort of tell in the picture of the bottle mat because it's not even square, it ended up crooked and it's just a simple mat! Honestly if I can do it anyone can :)
Lovely cage! Great colours. You have lucky piggies :)
This cage is so cute :D I'm still constructing mine and I'd love to add a second level but I find it really confusing. When you add another level doesn't it make it a lot harder to clean? Eventually I would love to extend my cage to a 2x6 or even 2x7 with a 2x2 kitchen loft!
My loft is only 1X2 so it's not really hard to reach under there. Any deeper and I think I'd have trouble reaching into the back though, but maybe an L shaped loft would be easy to clean since you have access in the front?
eventually I'm going to add onto it, so maybe I will make an L shaped loft :) that sounds like a good idea.
That's a really nice cage! Your piggies are truly pampered!

One thing I would suggest: The hay looks kind of hard. You might want to try finding a hay farm near you that offers softer hay. I used to buy Kaytee from the pet store, but then I found out about a hay farm in my city that sells really nice orchard grass hay. It's so much softer than the Kaytee stuff and the piggies just LOVE it! They eat so much more of it because I think it was harder for them to find the soft pieces in the Kaytee. Since hay is such a huge part of the diet, it's important that it's high-quality. I used this link for finding hay: Tasha's Tails: Writings from Amy and her cavies: hay.

Again, great job on your cage! :)
We use the Oxbow timothy hay and the pigs like it fine, I don't think it's too hard for them.
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