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My experience and new on here!


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Apr 28, 2012
Hey guys! im extremley excited to be making my first post! ive been on this forum sence i got my first guinea pig freddie ( almost 10 monthes ago!) and i never got around to making an account and commenting and making posts:eek:

so i thought that to start off i could maybe do a little presntation, and then go on to telling an extremley funny story of what happened with my intelligent piggie.

So im just a normal teenager that happens to have this adorable and caring piggie named freddie. Hes a boar, a pretty chubby one that lives in a 3x2 with a 1x2 loft! i know its not the biggest size, but he LOVES going up and down and i couldnt make the cage any bigger, but he seems great and healthy in it. I know, i know he should be living with another piggie, but when i got him i didnt even know about c&c cages! i was stupid not to have made more reaserch than i had, but thats that, now im getting a new piggie in about 2 weeks! so excited to be getting an american guinea pig sense freddie is an tricolor abyssinian. about my cage, my piggie had to live awful 7 monthes in a store cage! not becaue i didnt know about c&c cages, but because in my country it was IMPOSIBLE to find grids! i FINALLY found a little shop an hour and a half from where i was from (and i live in the middle of a large city, so imagine it was far!) in a really horrible place(it was were poor people have to live and a lot of crime happens there, so it was quite dangerous) but we still went! we got 30 grids and i was so excited! the coroplast was so expensive, but it fit perfectly.
on weekends my piggie gets to run around grass and munch on it like a fat piggie for hours and has tons of fun outside. oh! and also, the holes on the grids are way to big for a baby piggie, so im gonna have to look for some kind of metal thingys they use for chiken cages and wrap it around the cage so the baby we are getting (hes gonna be named simba!) doesnt get hurt.

im gonna make the funny story on another post sense this is waaaaaaay to long and iv got tons of free time sense im sick for another week :yuck: so stay tuned please!

Thanks for reading!
Paula :)
Welcome to the forum! Freddie sounds lovely! Remember to introduce them slowly and properly. :)
hi! thank you :) yes! of course i did my homework ;) but also, im buying him at the best and most responsible breeder i could find (sense i bought freddie at a vet, when later off i found out that little extre finger he had at his right back foot was because of bad breeding), he said he would introduce them with me so i could have some professional help with me, so im all ready!lol

PS: i would adopt, but here i couldnt find ANYWHERE where they had piggies >(
Good to hear ;)
I'm sure Freddie is still very happy!
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