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My dog and guinea pigs


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Oct 13, 2004
OK it seems shes now to obsessive with them I took Brownie out and showed her to my dog and she groomed it like mad and now she sits by the cage and trys to get into the cage or get at close as possible, Does she think there her babies now or something??, Is there anyway I can make her lose interest in them or something thanks if anyone has any suggestions
Hmm... I wish I could help you. I have had my pigs for two weeks and my dog is still as obssessed with them and it seems that she nows gets upset just by sitting near their cage. I am hoping that in time my dog will start acting normal again. I hope someone can give you some good advice. Good luck.
Hmm well shes only obsessed with them when shes sleeping in my room I'm Just worried it might upset her as she is pregnant i dont want her to lose them!, Its just very weird she grooms them i found
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