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Behavior my cavy gets too excited when I carry him back to his cage


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Jun 19, 2012
Hi, I have looked up the proper way to carry my guinea pig and I believe I am doing it right: I have my one hand wrapped around over his middle and my other hand supporting his back legs. When carrying him back to his cage, he knows when we are close and tries to scramble out of my arms. I'm afraid he is going to jump. Anything I can do for this?
That's completely normal, mine do it too. My friends rodents and rabbits also. They are just excited to be back at home, think of how it feels to be home again after being away all day (in their case, not so long), you just can't wait!

But here is a trick, hold your guinea pig correctly and safely over the cage. Don't move him until he stops struggling. Once he does touch his feet to the bedding, again don't do anything until he stops squirming, when he does, release him. I find it quite hard to do this but don't have much of an issue with struggling anymore as they now enjoy floor time and often I'm carrying them in a carrier.
great, I'll give that a try
You can also turn the pig around and put them in the cage bottom first.
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