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My cat


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Mar 31, 2004
I just foud out what happened to my cat who went missing while we were on vacation. These people across the street took her and another persons cat and dropped them at a shelter. They trapped her and said she was a feral cat. Im so mad. We went to Palm Springs for thee days and when we got home our cat was gone.

My mom called the sheriff and they are coming over later. Do you think I could find her? They didnt even tell us they were mad at our cat. They just took it into there own hands. I am so mad. I want to go over there and yell at them so bad. I know thats not a good idea though.Sorry about dumping on you guys.
hey sometimes you just gotta vent when your mad! I hope you find her soon! good luck!
Shes been gone since the summer but I can still hope.
yeah thats all you can do sometimes
ohhhh something like that happened to me once. My brother's friend came over and brought his little sister, and my dog got all excited and ran up to her and tugged at her skirt and she flipped out. We tried to tell her he was just excited, but she told her mother and her mom called the SPCA to collect our dog for 3 weeks. We were so angry.

There is no point yelling at them I guess, they won't care and it'll just make things worse when you see each other in the street. Just try and get abck your cat safely. I wish the best of luck to you.
Thanks. At least I know she isint plastered on the street somewhere.
yeah something like that happend to my moms' cat but worse, her cat Baby sometimes would go out side and play and her neighbor didn't like cat's so one day the cat got out when my mom wasn't home and the lady gave the cat anti-freeze which will kill. When my mom got home the cat was dead. I just hope you can find her.
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Yes, another one of our cats came back home with a shaved leg and so we started investigateing. Another neighbor saw them. They trapped her in one of those live traps.

We had this cat for over a year. We fostered her mother and siblings since they were just a few days old. We just couldnt give her back. I miss Sarabi so much.
That really is horrible. It's people like that that really make me ANGRY!*Vein pops out of head* I'm... okay... I hope you find your kitty! Cats hate me, but I still love them! I don't know why...*Scratches head* There's only one cat I know that's never bitten me, and I'm seriously starting to believe she's part dog... Anywho, good luck on your search for the kitty! I hope it goes well. And sorry if this post seems cheery, I really am sad, I just had alot of sugar...
And, Okay, totally off topic(well, not totally, but...): Did you get your kitty's name from the lion king? I love that movie.
Yes we did get her name from that movie. I miss her a lot. She was raised by my little dog after her mom found a home, so she thought she was a dog too. She was really odd about my pigs too. She loved to lay in there cages and eat their pellets.(she was never left alone dont worry)

The sheriff just left. He took a report and said the funniest thing. He told my mom to get someone to beat the s*** out of them one night. LOL. HE also said to call the animal investigator people(I forgot what they're called) and see if they could do anything. My mom is going to call them tomarrow.
awwwww hope you find the kitty. Im not a big fan of cats but I could never do that ever. If I saw a cat I would go over and ask them to try to keep the cat near them not at our place. Our next door has a cat and he knows how to open the door and sneek out. He would come over and mew at a me and jump in my arms. He would lick me until I take him back to our neighbors. I hate people who has no care of any kind of animals at all.
Do your cats have collars and tags? You mentioned before there are stray cats in your area, how are your neighbors supposed to tell them apart from your cats? If I found a stray cat I would take it to the shelter too. Why not keep your cats inside? Your neighbors obviously don't want your cats around and if traps don't work they may resort to poisoning.
Our cats dont wear tags because my mom is worried about them getting cought on something. They knew she was our cat. When she was a baby I took her on walks with the dogs. As she grew up, she continued to walk with us. We cant keep the cats inside because of our dogs. My mom leaves the back door open for them to go outside when we are not home.

At least now we know what happened to her and if we dont get her back, I hope she found a wonderful home.Thats why my mom called the sheriff she doesent want anything else to happen to our cats.
Our local animal control doesn't even take strays any more. They refuse to mess with wild life and all strays because they say that they're better off living outside than being euthanized at the shelters.
wow. I feel that way about feral cats. I know some people who catch them in humane traps and then have them spayed or nuetered. Then they release them. If they were brought into any shelter they would be put to sleep. If they are altered they cant add to the overpopulation.
They have special collars for cats that will snap off if the cat gets caught. If your cat had ID tags the shelter could have called you and returned the cat. Stray animals with collars are kept longer than strays without collars at the shelter.
Yeah (sorry if my posts are messy, as my new kitten is on the keyboard) My 2 older cats go outside a lot, and there are some collars with a piece of elastic (we have these kinds), so that if the cats get stuck and pull, the elastic stretches it enough to let them get their head out. ANd our old cat, Carmen, this past summer (July :() i think that one of our neighbors poisoned her because she was mad at us for parking too near her house. Thats why we got a new kitten.
Im so sorry about your cats. Its horrible what some people do. Ive told my mom about the special collers, but she still wont let them wear any. Ive been after her to get them microchiped, but we dont have enough money to swing it yet.
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