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My Cat is in LABOR!!!


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Dec 23, 2004
Yup, my foster cat Cali is having her kittens. I found her outside on someone's back porch. I really wanted to get her home because, one of her front legs is really deformed, it has no paw, just a leg and one claw and some misplaced foot pads. The leg is shorter than the other so she usually walks with it up, but some times she will limp on it. We've had her for about 3 days and low and behold she's pregnant. I'm really happy. But kinda scared, her water broke about 2 hours ago and she still shows no sign of crowning. I really hope she gets moving soon because if not we'll probley have to take her to the vet. I saw a bubble before her water broke but I suppose it wasn't a baby. I don't want something bad to happen because if the pacenta doesn't pass she could die. So please say a prayer for her.
I'll pray for her, despite being Agnostic.

Best of luck. Keep us updated.
Thank you slap, I will keep you updated.
Hopefully all goes well!! How did you get her? (Stray, adopted?)
Stray, I voluteer with a few animal rescue's so I'm just going to foster her and her kitten's untill they get adopted.
I went thouught the same thing almost one year ago (seems like yesterday) with one of my current cats that i have now. Whiskers ( abrown tabby with a white tip on her tail) my younger brother and his friend found her in our garage and we thought that maybe she was one of our neiboughs, so we put food out for her and just waited a week. Well no one came looking for her so we took her in, surprisingly it was my dads idea (he usually will do anything to not have another animal in the house), we took her to the vets before she came in the house (didn't want other cat, Nemo and dog to get anything that she might have had) and to our surprise HE (as we thought) was a SHE and she was pregnet! I was thrilled! I had always wanted to have some sort of baby animals but we strongly belive in spaying and neutering as soon as possibly so I trhought that it would never happen.

Well the vet asked if we watned the kittens, becasue she could spay her and then we wouldn't have to worry about them, but thats not right so we didn't. We also later found out that she has a type of feline cold that she would have forever, ahe only acts out on it sometimes with snezzing and couging.

Anyways (sorry for being so long) about 1 month after we ahd her, on May 4, 2004 (a day that I will never forget) she went in to labour!

I remeber that morning that she was soooo loud and she just kept walking up and down the halls and meewing like mad. that's when we know that day was the one.

She broke her water at around 7:45 ( I was already on the bus- my mom called my cell and told me the news) she waited a while to give birth also. She had the first kitten out about 1.5 hours later and then the second about 1 hour after that. that's all that she had one two, one boy and one girl, names Boy- Tiger (later changed to Hendriks by his new owners- our cousins)
and the Girl - Danta ( later givin to our friends , and kept the same name)

I just remembered that today is Whiskers B-day! Happy 3 b-day! and the kittens will be one soon enough.

Well I hope that ever thing goes well for your Cali and good luck
Well, I don't really know whats going on she has had any contractions or any thing in the last 48 hours!! So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
I'm not sure but itn't 48 hours since her water broke a long time? I don't now exacily but maybe you should call your vets just to ask.
Are you sure? It has only been 24 hours since you posted she was in labor.
Well, we still don't know whats going I called the vet they said that as long as she's not having contractions for a long time and nothings coming it's ok. I don't even know if she's really preg.?? I'm going to try and get someone at the shelter to hurry and get her to the vet.
Does she look pregnant?
Yeah. My mom even said she was but now she doesn't think so.
If she's in labour then you would be able to feel the babies inside of her moving, can you feel anything when you place your hands on her sides?
Also - I know this might be werried but- can you see her nipplies and are they big - seem like they have milk in them?
If her water broke 48 hours ago and still no sign of kittens you should have gotten her to the vet a LONG time ago!!!! The babies-if there are any-are probably now dead inside her. Get her to the vet ASAP! If she's not pregnant get her spayed as soon as possible so she won't be. If she's pregnant and the babies live once they're weaned at 8-9 weeks you can have her spayed. if they're dead inside her have her spayed once they're out by operation.
I hope that she'll post an update soon, maybe I'll PM herto see how things are going.
Hey guy's sorry it's been so long. I still think she's pregnate because the other day I felt something moving and caught a quick heartbeat. I'm starting to think that she wasn't in labor just in heat. I don't know. I'm supose to have some one contact me so we can take her to the vet (we would have sooner but my mom doesn't drive).
How can a cat be pregnant & still be in heat?
I don't know that's why I'm going to wait and see what the vet say's as I will be a vet someday but am not one yet.
If her water broke and she still has not had the babies get her to a vet now not someday!
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