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Bonding My baby won't let me touch her


Cavy Slave
May 16, 2012
I've had her around a month now, and she will not let me pick her up, touch her, pet her, or feed her by hand. She is terrified of me. I figured it would get better as time went on but it hasn't at all. I have lap time with her daily (She used to climb into the cuddle cup and I would just pick that up, but she got smart.) and she has a friend who is very friendly. Any suggestions?
Dont worry , She will . I have has mine for 2 1/2 weeks & yesturday was the first day she lett me Carry her. talk to her alot. & when you feed her try getting your hand closer & closer To her everytime. Butno worries she Will get used to you :)
Some pigs are naturally more skittish and nervous than others. Quee is four years old now, and she still runs from us when we try to take her from the cage, and as soon as she gets picked up, she lets us know how she feels about it...by peeing and pooping all over her unfortunate captor. lol

Kwee is a much more social piggie, but it took her a little while to adjust to us. Now we've had her for three months or so, and she's perfectly happy to sit in my lap or on my chest while I'm at the computer or watching TV. Just don't give up. :)
Mine ran when I would reach over the top of the cage. I set up a door in the front and it reaches my chest and now he is less afraid when I have my arms in to pet him.
He still runs sometimes when I pick him up, but at least I can pet him.
Have you tried doing a piggy elevator? Some pigs just take longer than others to warm up to their surroundings.
my piggy's always run from me when i try to get them from the cage, but once they are handled they are fine. I suggest that you place your hand in the cage and just let them sniff you get closer each time you do this and she will come round. Try not to rush as they are easily frightened. Never give up, patience is the key ! :)
I did the elevator with a paper bag (supporting the bottom) but I haven't tried the cardboard box. She sniffs around my hand, and nibbles at my fingertips sometimes, but as soon as I try to pet her she bolts.
Lay the back of your hand down in the middle of the cage, leave your hand there for like 2 minutes. let her sniff it, let her get used to your hand, do this twice a day for two days, alll the while talking to her talking to her. see how she does after that.
Make sure to let her sniff your hand and get used to that, and then start adding treats or veggies in your hand. This should get her at least accostumed to you. Once she's more comfortable, I would say try petting her. But don't make sudden movements (I forgot how skittish my pigs are, and if I kneel down too fast they run into their hidey house xD). Some guinea pigs, though, always run when you try and pick them up. She could be like this, and maybe the piggy elevator is something worth a try. I've tried it once, and my piggies actually enjoyed the ride. xD
Are you able to take her out for floor time? If so, sit quietly in the play area and let her come over and snifff you and investigate you. She might not do it at first, but they usually start checking you out over time and get used to your presence. Then you might be able to pet her gently to help get her used to handling.
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