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My Baby is MIA!


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Apr 16, 2012
[GuineaPigCages.com] My Baby is MIA!

I was gone on a camping trip this weekend and left our dogs in capable hands. We have 2- my (fixed) male, and my sister's dog. We had a lot of fun, but I came home to find my baby, Sunny, had run away! Apparently, Sunny ran out when said individual went in to get the other dog, Angel. When this person came back outside, Sunny was gone.

To top it all off, for the past month, I've been working to have my sister's dog euthanized because of the shape she's in. Friday, just before I left town, I was able to schedule an appointment for today around 3:00.

So now, not only do I have to worry about euthanizing one dog, but I get to worry about another and getting him home safely. Any thing could happen to him, and what's worse, he hates thunderstorms! Which is the weather we came home in. It's also been grey this morning so I don't know if another storm is on it's way. I'm so upset and worried. I hope we can find him (preferably alive and well) soon. :(
Aww i hope you find him soon! they usually come home when they are hungry :) good luck my thoughts are with you
Awwww. How terrible for you! Hope he comes home soon.
I'm sorry to hear it.

Do you and your sister live near each other, or is this somewhere far from familiar ground for him? You might try leaving a piece of your clothing or bedding outside at both places - your familiar scent might encourage him to come close.

Of course post on Craigslist and notify vets, shelters and dog control officers in the area (and go TO them - sometimes the person answering the phone doesn't know who's recently come in) but another good way to get sightings of your dog is to give flyers with your number to mailmen, highway maintenance workers, and garbage truck operators - people who are out on the roads all day and might spot him.
@scruffytufty During my running around years, Sunny stayed with my mom until I could get settled down. A few years ago, just after we got him home, he ran away twice and was missing for a week each time. Now he's been missing for two days. He doesn't come home when he gets hungry. I think dogs need help being found. I've had cats and dogs all my life and the only animal I've seen come home when it gets hungry is a cat, not a dog, but thanks for trying to console me any way.

At least I know whom of my neighbors to seek help from. I just don't want to disturb any one until it's at least 9:00. It's hard to sit and wait, but I don't know what else to do at the moment. I just finished working on a lost poster though. Hopefully I can get those printed out today and posted, if not today, tomorrow. I hope I can get him home safe and sound! :(
sorry i knw that my dog comes back when she smells cat food, have you tried ringing shelters? maybe hes been found by them, i hope you get him home soon :(
Poor little guy! I have no advice other than to contact vets in the area as well. Is he microchipped? I hope you find him soon he is a beautiful sheltie dog.
Is he DEAD?

I went for a walk and found someone who seems to have seen Sunny. She tried to call him in, but he darted- that definitely sounds like my dog! Sometimes he won't come when called, except by me. Not quite sure why that is, but it makes me feel all the more he should have been with me this weekend despite the no-dog policy. (There were a few dogs there. Who would have known the difference? You're supposed to have a camper if you have a dog, but still...)

A man stopped by seeking out the residents help shortly thereafter. He said a collie looking dog had been found on the highway and that he'd gotten the dog off the road and slipped off the collar. He said he was going to turn it in to the office today. I hope so. I've left him a message at the office (to the trailer park) that I want his name and his number so I can talk to him about the situation. He was nice enough to remove the dog from the road and go looking for the owner, I can't see why he wouldn't do this one small favor.

In the mean time, I sent our volunteer (person who was watching the dogs) out on the freeway to see what they could find. I'm hoping and PRAYING it's not him! It would suck to lose 2 dogs in one day!
Oh goodness that is terrible! I have yet to lose a dog in my adult life, but I cannot imagine! I hope that your dog is ok. They become such a part of us. Keep us posted.
Oh no, how scary! Good thoughts going out your way that Sunny will be back with you soon. At least there's been a sighting, so hopefully that will lead to a reunion. You don't need that worry on top of the euthanasia.
I am so sorry you are going through this. My prayers and happy thoughts go out to you. Keep us posted. ~Hugs~
All the volunteer found was a dead racoon, but considering the fact this man was seen with the collar, I still think the stranger found a dog. There's another road nearby that might be considered a freeway. I wonder if he might be down there, but I'm waiting for that call. Hope he stops by soon. I'll definitely be keeping in touch with the trailer park.

This afternoon, I can call on a couple of other neighbors just in case. Unfortunately, I have a doctor's appointment to get ready for and won't be able to do any more hunting until later today. I hope it doesn't take long to get information from the park. I'm quite impatient to get details on that case.
Oh goodness, I sincerely hope everything turns out well. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. :(

Sending positive vibes!
I read the clock wrong. I was thinking it was going on 12:30, when I need to be here to catch my taxi. It's 11:30. Since I still have an hour before I have to get out of here, I'm going to go talk to some more neighbors. Still waiting for the call from the trailer park.
I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. :( They are such amazing animals. I have faith that Sunny will be found alive and ready to go back into your arms! You have my prayers!
Fingers crossed that this ends well for you and Sunny. What an awful situation to be in. :( I'm thinking good positive thoughts for you!
I hope you find your baby! I only lost my dog for 4 hours and I was panicing so I understand where you are coming from. All I have is call the local shelters and vet offices and talk to your neighbors the better. I know where I live if the shelter picks up a dog that looks like yours and you called ahead they will call you. But, I would also take a ride to the local shelter I know of one mistake that happened to a family friend she lost her dog which was a female and the shelter said her dog was a male. The more people you have looking for your dog the more chance you have of finding him/her. You will find him/her just keep faith!
I hope you find your baby! I only lost my dog for 4 hours and I was panicing so I understand where you are coming from. The more people you have looking for your dog the more chance you have of finding him/her. You will find him/her just keep faith!
Sorry didn't mean to post twice... my coumputer gliched and I didn't see my old post
Well, Angel is asleep now. Sunny is still missing. I went for a ride over the freeways I thought the guy might have been talking about. I'm going to go down and talk to the neighbors again shortly. See if they can give me any more information.

Also went into the shelter. They don't have any shelties, but I left his information. My vet's office knows my dog is missing and I'm looking for him. I hope someone has enough sense to wand him if he's still alive. If he's dead, he might not even get that in this area. Especially since the guy took his collar to find me... Hoping for the best.
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