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my animals


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Dec 25, 2011
hey its guineapigfied also my name on youtube! :)
i have
3 guinea pigs rescuing a 4th soon!
2 foster bunnies
1 hamster
1 chinchilla
4 dogs
2 puppies we rescued
5 fish:love:
Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the soon-to-be-rescued piggy. Do you perchance have any pictures? I know everyone LOVES to see guineas ;)
Welcome and congrats on the soon to be rescue! And I second the photos request. (Is it really a request or a polite demand around here?):crazy:
It's a requirement. You'll get black listed if you don't submit one photo per pet in this forum.

I'm just kidding. But we do want to see them :)
lol, ill post ASAP! :)
You must have your hands full! I always say the more the merrier, aslong as you have the time and supplies to take care of them all properly! I am quite busy with my 3 fuzzy pets! Welcome to the forum!
Welcome! What a fantastic bunch of furry friends!
oh they are in good care :)
ohhhh yes quite the hand full, and lol thank you!
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