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C&C My almost cage


Cavy Slave
Jan 16, 2017
Hi everyone! We, meaning I, built the cage today. I still need to tape all the flaps but here it is. It was a bit more work than I thought. Whew. Do I need to cover those outlets??

i also plan on getting another water bottle and a cuddle cup. Are 2 hideys ok? I'm hanging fleece from the grid in the corner. Still washing the bedding. So far we have 2 fleece toppers (my daughter picked them out). I'm running to uhaul to get their pads for the liners.

Oh, is it okay the kitchen doesn't have a back flap? I made it from scrap coroplast and worry it'all be too narrow if I sacrifice 2 inches for the back flap. I plan on covering the kitchen area with fleece. I was going to make a cover from coroplast but my scraps are too thin.

Any recommendations on what to change or get? Hoping to adopt within the next 2 weeks.



Sorry about the bad picture. I should've shut the blinds.
I think it looks great! The outlets shouldn't be an issue, I can't imagine the pigs will be able to reach.

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If I were you I would cover the outlets. It would be a disaster if a piece of hay got stuck in there of heaven forbid a paw!! Its just gives you a piece of mind knowing that it wont cause and issue <3 The cage looks great!
Thanks for the replies! I think I will cover them to be safe. You can't tell because of the lighting, but there's another outlet above the food bowls.

does the cage look too empty? I have 2 hideys, 2 cuddle cups and the kitchen area. I personally like the spaciousness but will the piggies be bored? Don't laugh if that's a ridiculous question. Humor me. =)
I don't think the pigs will get bored. Hay and veggies will keep them occupied. However, it does depend on the guinea pig. I just learned from my newest guinea pig that if there are not a lot of cool hideys to chew and/or sleep on, he will happily entertain himself by burrowing under the cage liners.
I recently split my girls into two groups of four and each level has two hideys (each with two doors) a snuggle tunnel and a hammock (that they mostly just sleep under). I have a "kitchen" area but it's really just a litter tray with a hay rack above it and the litter tray sits on top of the fleece bedding. The girls don't usually seem bored. They do zoomies a lot and end up rearranging the cage every night.
Guinea pigs typically like to have open space to run in, though of course it depends on their personalities. Unless your pigs specifically want more to examine, this should be fine.
Also, the (broken link removed) thing that will entertain a guinea pig is their cagemate. :)

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Hi guys!

Thank you so much for the replies!

We got our guinea pigs a week ago and they are doing well. Definitely starting to warm up to us, which makes my heart happy. After my first week, I decided I do not like disposable bedding in the kitchen. Too messy with the daily scooping of wet bedding and unless I scoop 100% of it, there's always left over poops. Today was cage changing day so I decided to try fleece in the kitchen instead. I have two sets ready to go and heading to the fabric store tomorrow for more as I'm anticipating at least a daily if not twice daily changing.

I think I am super lucky because my girls do not dig. I haven't even had to use a clip to secure the fleece to the coroplast! I haven't had to sew the kitchen padding either. We'll see whether that continues but for now that's nice because all I have to do is cut everything to size and then layer it.

We adopted a mommy and daughter pair. We've named them Millie & Lillie. They are getting more and more comfortable with us. I did get another set of 8 wire cubes so I can have a play area for them in our TV room. And I plan on taking them to the park too but will probably wait a few more weeks before I attempt that. I'm taking things slow with them. Here's Millie trying to chill in her fleece forest...but I of course came along...LOL. Isn't she the cutest?? She isn't a big fan of being picked up but once she's in her cuddle cup and on your lap, she's such a lover. She pancakes a lot. LOL Her daughter, Lillie, is so much more curious. She MUST have her eyes on something when she's with you. I'll try to get a good picture of her but for now here's Millie.

My almost cage

PS - I apparently do need to sew the pee pads under the fleece forest because as you can see Millie had mucked it up. =)
Cute pig.

But please don't take it to the park. You have no idea who or what has been on the grass, or what kind of chemicals have applied.

Guinea pigs are skittish creatures, and they're much happier in their normal habitat. If you want to take an animal to the park, take a dog. Borrow one if you have to.
Cute pig.

But please don't take it to the park. You have no idea who or what has been on the grass, or what kind of chemicals have applied.

Guinea pigs are skittish creatures, and they're much happier in their normal habitat. If you want to take an animal to the park, take a dog. Borrow one if you have to.

Thanks bpatters! I didn't know that the park would be a bad idea. I've mentioned it before and and the feedback I got was make sure a predatory bird didn't get them. I'm glad you mentioned that because they are skittish and just starting to be less so around us and I don't want to ruin that.

Quick question though - our TV room has a huge sliding glass door that opens up onto our small patio. I planned on setting up their play cage near that for fresh air and sunshine and maybe even putting them on the patio eventually for more nature playtime. Is that okay?? I just feel like that might greatly improve their quality of life. =)

Just outside our patio is HOA maintained grass and it is impeccable. I'm 100% sure they use chemicals to achieve that because I once maintained my own yard in the same city with no chemicals and the weeds quickly took over. So I'm making a decent educated guess they use chemicals which is why I was going to bring them to a park instead but if that's a bad idea, I won't do it. Think our patio is okay? We have a 10x10 section of concrete plus some landscaping I maintain that is not treated with anything unless the HOA oversprays.
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