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Joy My 4 year old loves his pigs!


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Sep 4, 2011
So back in september I got 2 pigs for the family. Really I wanted a dog but we aren't ready for one yet. So I did some research and thought I would give pigs a try. My 4 year old son has been loving them. I still really want a dog though. So today I asked him, "Xander, do you want a dog?" "No! I just want my piggies" "Do you want your piggies and a dog?" "No, I just want my piggies" "Do you want a cat?" I know he loves cats. "No!" Lol I guess that's that he loves those pigs! I still want a dog though! one day...one day I will get my dog :)
How sweet! My son is also 4 and loves his piggies. Cuddles with them everyday and loves to feed them their veggies. =D
That is funny.:eek:ptimist:
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