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Behavior My 3weeks old milo and mocca


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Mar 27, 2012
Hi all,
here a lil intro on my babies

milo - female
mocca male
both 2-3 weeks old

their behavior are opposite
milo eat alot even if im around ( hands in cage) she jz cant be bother and enjoy her food and run around alot to look for food.
but when i hold her up , she giggle alot and scare to death

mocca. eat very little ( worries me )
when ever im around he will hide at the edge / litter box and escape me . but when im not around( far from him ) he popthecorn alot .
when i hold him up, he will seat on my palm calm and will move if he felt unstable.

is it normal??
im worry mocca is sick
I hope they are not in the same cage.

Are you weighing them? How long have you had them?

It is normal for guinea pigs to be scared. It's in their nature. It's not normal for them to eat very little though, unless he's eating when you're not looking.

Are you feeding unlimited hay?

The best way to monitor their health is to weight them.
At 3 weeks of age, Mocca can get Milo pregnant so it's very important that you separate them into different cages.

The behavior you describe sounds completely normal. Once they are in different cages, it will be easier to tell if Mocca truly isn't eating much or if he just isn't eating when you are around.

Ditto what Lissie said - weighing them is the clearest way to tell if something is wrong. It's one of the few symtoms of illness that they cannot hide.
yeah im feeding unlimited hay every morning and top up their pellet, and every morning and evening ill provide them a vege platter consist of carrot( on and off) cucumber , cherry tomato , green pepper .

omg they are in the same cage since day 1 . today is day 4.
ok i will buy the weight thing to check /..
when is the best time for milo to get pregnant? im planning to get milo pregnant and after pregnant , i will neuter mocca
to avoid over produce
when is the best time for milo to get pregnant? im planning to get milo pregnant and after pregnant , i will neuter  mocca<br>to avoid over produce
Oh no! Please don't let her get pregnant at all. Pregnancy is very risky and she has 20% chance of dying. Please read this link, and I hope it will change your mind.

Breeding Guinea Pigs

Also note that this site is anti-breeding, anti-pet store and pro-rescue.
Urgent help!!!

I have a situation here. I have a pair of guinea pigs, male and female.

1. Separate them, but will they be lonely? If yes, why do I need to buy a pair if I'm going to separate them?

2. Should I change it to both female or both male since I just bought them last Tuesday?

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i have a pair , male and female what should i do? separate them forever?
Re: Urgent help!!!

You should separate them right now. Whether they will be lonely is besides the point--it's better than what can happen to the female--there's a 20% chance of fatalities with guinea pig pregnancies. When we advocate getting pairs, we are talking about same sex pairs. So even though separating them will make them lonely at first, it's better for their health.

Did the pet store sell you one of the wrong gender? At any rate, if you've had the male and female together, there is a chance that the female is pregnant and so you should not take her back to the pet store. It would be best to wait it out and see if she is indeed pregnant (which could be anywhere from 59 to 72 days). If she has any female babies you can keep one or more as companions to her.

You could take the male back, or attempt to find him a home on your own, or have him neutered so you can keep him with the female. Or, you can keep him separate and wait until you see if your female has any male babies, then you can keep one or more as companions for him.

You could contact a rescue in your area for help, but I don't know if there are any in your area.
if that the case i might aswell get two female? LOL
neutered in singapore cost from $100 - 200 . i really hope i can have some babies though hmm but if it shorten my milo ( female pigs) life . i will re consider
neutered in singapore cost from $100 - 200 . i really hope i can have some babies though hmm but if it shorten my milo ( female pigs) life . i will re consider

That's great that you are reconsidering! It can also cause lots of problems for the babies too if you breed them, if you got them from a pet store and they are the same age, it is possible that they are brother and sister. There are also a lot of guinea pigs out there waiting for homes, so it's better to either one, neuter your male so they can stay together or two, separate them and adopt friends for them both. :D
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