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My 1st Bunbun


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Jan 12, 2012
Hey guys,guess what? I'm getting a bunny! My friend offered me it(i don't know if its a boy or girl yet) and it is going to be my first bunny,I cant wait :D.
does anyone have experience with bunnies? What should I do to prepare for him/her??
I don't know much about bunnies but I can't wait to see pictures!!
Bunnies require a lot more time (and depending on size, space) than pigs. They are a lot higher maintenance than pigs, in my experience, and really sweet, but very challenging at times. I have four, three females and a male (all altered). Two are flemish giants, one is an english lop mix, and the boy was found in a field and captured before a cat could eat him, so I have no idea what he is, but he's quite small compared to the girls. Your first order of business should be spaying or neutering if not already done. A really good website on rabbit care is www.binkybunny.com, although they seem to have extensive forum issues so the forum itself may or may not be functional at any given time.
This is my bunny :eek: (next to my girl guniea pig). Her name is Snuggles, I've had her since she was about 6 weeks old and she is now 9 years. :) They are very similar to guinea pigs but they do need more space.. of course because theyre bigger. I trained mine to use a litter box which is a BIG plus. When i let her out to run around and get exercise she never uses the bathroom until she goes back to her cage. Shes very calm and they eat the same food:
timothy hay always available and she loves fruits and veggies. Just as guinea pigs she likes chew toys. They most i have to do for her is keep her nails trimmed, she does the rest of her grooming on her own. Post pictures of your bunny when you get him/her!

[GuineaPigCages.com] My 1st Bunbun
I copied my post from this thread: https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/71183/

Yes fix the rabbit! Males can spray smelly urine all the way across a room if not fixed. Females are more territorial than males and are actually more likely to fight with each other than males. Fixed rabbits will be much happier with each other than intact animals and much better pets. Fixing a rabbit changes a lot of those unwanted bunny behaviors like sent marking, humping, spraying, aggression, female cycles, etc.

Check out this video to see how to sex rabbits:

Bobtails Rescue: How to sex a rabbit - YouTube

This is one of my favorite cages for rabbits. Easy to make and does NOT cost 200 dollars like the guy says. I spent about 60 on mine. use 3/4" plywood when making the cage because it will not bow and does not need extra support. (not even grid support if you use lots of zip-ties!)

How to Build a Rabbit Condo - YouTube

If they are going to be outside rabbits, which I don't recommend for all the same reason guinea pigs should stay inside, but sometimes you can't change people's minds... RWFA has a great video on hutches and more information on their website. ((broken link removed))

A hutch is not enough video - YouTube

The rabbit is going to need toys to keep it happy. Lots of cat toys are good for bunnies, mine loved toys with bells and things they could pick up and throw around. Some dog toys are good too if the rabbits are big enough. Then of course there are bunny toys and ferret toys. All good for bunnies =D

The bunnies will need to be litter trained. (FAQ: Litter Training) A good litter for bunnies are the wood pellets or yesterdays news since they don't get stuck to their bunny fur.

There is so much more to say but a good place to start is the House Rabbit Society (House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide). If you have any more questions while looking around there please ask!
If you also have guinea pigs, they should not be housed or allowed to play together. Rabbits can injure or kill a guinea pig with a swift kick. Rabbits also often carry Bordetella bronchiseptica, which is a respiratory disorder, that can kill guinea pigs.
I do not think it is okay to allow them to live together of course. However, when it comes to short play periods I have never had a problem letting my rabbit out at the same time as my guinea pigs. My rabbit however is older and she is very calm, not as active as when she was younger. She hop around for some time then just find a comfy spot to sit and relax while my guinea pigs run around. I DO think it depends on both the rabbits and the guinea pigs behaviors. If your rabbit is younger, more active, and not altered you may not want to let it out with your pigs. I do always supervise whenever my small animals are all out together. I wouldnt take a chance on leaving them alone together. Not even for a second just because 'you never know'. Ive talked with two vets i have visited before and they have even given me advice on introducing the rabbit with the guinea pigs. Of course they mention they cannot home together, and not to leave them alone together, but i started out by letting them all enjoy their timothy hay together in an open space. I dont put them to play together for long periods of time, just short play times every now and then and they all get along :)
first of all,thank you every one! my plans are to potty train him/her and let em hop around my room when i am home,which is most of the time :) My pigs and bunbun will have "play dates" (with me there) but will not live together or be left unattended (lol,just like kids) in one corner in my room i will have my bunny's cage,which will have his/her food,litter box etc. and box castle ( with phone books on the bottom to dig instead of my carpet) and around the front of there cage i will have a pen i made out of grids for em to run around in when i am not in my room. in the morning i will get there water and veggies when i get the pig stuff and hang out with them while they eat.like i said before,i am home a lot,so i have plenty of time to spend with them...and training time too :p again,thank you all,i will try to post pics this Friday when i get my rabbit :D
sounds perfect!! post pictures!!
Aww, congrats on your new bunny. I had a bunny first, then got my pigs. I make their salads all at the same time, and feed the same hay. The links above are great, and will teach you everything you need to know. Oh, BTW, bunnies do "binkies", and pigs "popcorn". It took me a while to figure that out, LOL. Check out Bunspace-it's like facebook for bunnies, complete with contests and games:https://www.bunspace.com/acc_editbunnies.

@(broken link removed) Flemish Giants? English Lop? I am SO jealous! The Flemish Giants scare me a little with how much they would eat, but who wouldn't love a 30 lb bun? And English Lops have long been a favorite. You're so lucky.
bad news,plans have changed and i wont be getting m bunny until a few weeks,i am going on a vacation and dont want to leave a new rabbit alone for a week ( one of my family members will tale care of my other animals while i am away ) but i will post lots of pics when i do get him/her :) thank you Petlovr for the link,i will check it out now!
I'm glad you're planning appropriately for your new addition. Delaying getting a bun will give you more time to read and prepare. Besides, you'll actually be looking forward to coming home after vacation for a change! :)
yes,i thought that too,there is always something else to learn.it will be great to go on a vacation then get a bunny the weekend latter :)
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