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Diarrhea Mushy poops with veggies?


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Feb 14, 2010
For the past month or two I screwed up big time, and wasn't feeding my piggies nearly as much veggies as they need. I've made sure to start feeding them more every day now, and have made plans for the upcoming year so that I definitely won't make the same mistakes again.

One of my little guys, Stanley (about 2 years old now.) has been loving the regular veggie routine again, but his poops are becoming mushy after eating the veggies.

(I'm feeding Green pepper (1/6th-1/8th), Romaine (2 small leaves), 1 very small pea pod (edible shells), 2 sprigs of cilantro, and a teeny tiny bit of celery. (Chopped into bite-sized pieces, only get 2 or 3 bites of it.))

Is this just his digestive system getting used to the sudden huge intake in liquids or do you think this warrants another vet visit?

It's not ever reached the point of actual diarrhea, it's not liquid-y, just...not nice little uniform pellets like usual and they sometimes stick to their feet if they step on them!

He's still eating everything as eager as ever, too. He's mowing down on lots of hay, and loves his pellets at dinner time still. (I use Orchard Grass because of my allergies.)

I was thinking of possibly doing the poop-soup thing from my other piggy Ozzy in case there's some sort of imbalance in the gut bacteria, but Ozzy just recently went to the vet for some skin/ear problems (which are clearing up nicely) and is on enrofloxacin for a few more days. His poops are completely normal, but I'm not sure if it would be safe to do while he's still on his medicine?

Should I wait a few more days to see if things go back to normal? I have another vet visit planned for Ozzy around the 18th, do you think this is something that could possibly wait until then? Are there any foods I could feed him that might help his tummy sort things out, like encouraging him to eat more hay?

I'm off to work for a lovely 8 hour shift so I won't be replying for awhile, but any help is definitely appreciated!
Can you try restricting just his veggies for a few days and see if the poops firm up? Maybe take him out of the cage while the others eat their veggies, and then put him back in.

If the soft poops do clear up, then you can try feeding him out of the cage, and only give one veggie at a time. Start with the lettuce. If he's ok with that for two or three days, then add one more back in. You may be able to figure out which one is causing the problems.

My abby just has softer poops than my other pig. She's also gassier. But taking her completely off veggies doesn't really help, so I've stopped worrying about it. I do watch her pretty carefully, and at any sign that her poops aren't well formed or that she's got a lot of gas, I take her off veggies entirely. If they go back to their normal soft state, I start refeeding them again. If not, we go off to the vet for some flagyl.

I'd think that unless he shows any sign of bloat or the poops start to get runny, you could wait a few days and see if you can figure out what's wrong. Otherwise, the vet will just be guessing also. The more information you have when he sees the vet, the more likely you are to get a correct diagnosis.
Thanks for the advice!
I'll start experimenting with veggies tomorrow.
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