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MR.Wiggles <3


Cavy Slave
Dec 31, 2011
ok so my name is Dorothy and i have a 1 1/2 year old guinea pig named Mr.wiggles! He is my baby ! my husband and I do not have any children yet (seening how he thinks we are too young so i have a guinea son) everything i have read says you need 2 pigs or your pig will become depressed. but i feel mr.wiggles is happy! he has free run of the house(hes such a good boy he goes back to his cage to pee or poop most of the time lol) and hangs out with a 13 year old malest (my husbands dog) they play every now and then but im not sure if i should get him a brother or not.... as of right now im a military house wife so im home most of the time. but im working on becoming a dog groomer and wont be home as much and he wont be albe to get out his house an run around an watch tv (unless his daddy lets him out which i dought) i just want him to be super happy! i try to give him everything! what do yall think?
Hi and welcome! Since you say you will be working outside the house eventually and his free roaming time will be limited you may want to introduce another piggy to keep him company. You would need to make sure it is the same sex or if you get a girl, your boy will need to have been neutered(you may find a girl that was fixed). If you do get another piggy they will need a nice size cage, 2 boars need more room to get along better. If you do decide to get another piggy we can help you find one that needs a home. We love pigtures here so if you can please post some of Mr. Wiggles:D
Welcome Dorothy and Mr Wiggles.! Ditto to all hhbean has says. If he is going to be alone a friend of his own kind will be a wonderful thing.
When you decide there are many threads and posts on intoductions. On the home page under Cavy Spirit is a whole section on socilalizing.
Good luck and keep us posted. We will be glad to help with anything you need.
Hey Dot! Im so glad you found the forum. There is a bunch of neat stuff on here. I have a pic of Mr.Wiggles if you want me to upload it.
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