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Cage Moving - clever ways to hide the cage


Cavy Slave
Aug 17, 2010
Hey all, im stationed across the US and my wife is living back home with out 2 2 1/2 year old guinea pigs and shes moving out here. on base housing is full so we have to get an apartment off base and all the apartments ive found either dont allow pets, or the ones that do allow pets, i ask about guinea pigs and they say every other animal except rodents are allowed because they dont want to risk them escaping so no guinea pigs.

I have a custom built 2 grid by 6 grid cage, wood trim (escape proof) and am looking for ways to hide the cage in case the apartment i decide on getting does inspections. I work nights so hopefully i can use this as an excuse when looking at the apartments to figure out roughly when and what time they do inspections (if any) since im a day sleeper.

Ive thought of putting the cage on wheels so i could wheel it into a closet if the closet is big enough but seeing as the cage is like 2 feet by a little under 6 feet i dunno how easy that would be finding a closet that size.

Any ideas from experience on keeping guineas in apartments?

Leaving those boys behind or with someone else is out of the question.
This seems risky. What if the pigs make noise during an inspection and you get removed from your apartment if you refuse to get rid of them? They rumblestrut randomly, and may wheek when they hear something like plastic rustling.

I think since you're a married member of the military, you could get some sympathy from an apartment landlord somewhere. Especially if it's not ran by a company.

Sneaking them to a friend during an inspection could work, but I don't like the sound of hiding this from a landlord. I actually know some of my young, silly peers who've gotten evicted for hiding animals. If it comes this, maybe you can also find one that does month to month rent. That way you have time to search for another apartment that allows pets and don't have to pay your way out of a yearly contract.
I didn't think landlords were legally allowed to randomly inspect apartments unless you gave them a reason to.
I also agree that this is a bad idea. Maybe take photos of your cage and bring that with a bunch of guinea pig information. Unlike rats, rabbits and other small rodents, guinea pigs wont destroy your house if they get out. Education is key. Off to pay a pet deposit (or larger one if they already do).
I would be upfront with the landlord and tell him you have guinea pigs and not rodents. Explain that rodents can often squeeze out of a cage and get into the walls, etc., but guinea pigs don't do that. They're docile, tame and make exceptional pets to keep in apartments. There would be no risk of damage to the apartment from them. There are a lot of disagreements about whether guinea pigs should be classified as rodents.
Our lease has a "no pets" clause but when we asked our landlord about guinea pigs, he said no problem. He just didn't want "free range" animals like dogs and cats that could pee or chew on things, or with cats, leave allergens. Of course, he knows what piggies are and had them as a kid, but the big thing is really ensuring that they are kept in a pen as their regular housing. I agree with the other posters that you should talk about how they aren't rodents like ratties, and in fact like to sit around most of the day in their hideys and eat and sleep. Emphasize how lazy they can be! ;*)

I'd also offer a pet deposit on the pigs if they are hesitant at all. Might want to frame it that you are so confident that the piggies will be excellent tenants that you are happy to put $50 or $100 down for the term of the lease.

Landlords have the right to do a maintenance inspection with enough notice (varies by US state), but remember there can be emergencies. If a pipe cracks or a tree falls on your roof or something, you aren't going to have time to hide the piggies when the landlord or his handyman/woman comes out to take care of it.
Try to find an apartment locator service in the area. They will best know the apartments and which landlords would most likely allow guinea pigs. Just be sure to tell them you will not rent anything that doesn't allow guinea pigs that way they do the grunt work for you on finding apartments.
I agree with everyone here; trying to smuggle in your piggies isn't worth it. Take photos of your cage, preferably with a top on it, to emphasize how impossible it would be for them to escape. And offering a pet deposit couldn't hurt. My apartment is pet friendly, but they have a deposit and monthly fee...but they waive it for no-risk animals, i.e. anything that stays in a cage, including my pigs. Sounds kinda backwards from the places you looked at.
Well the apartment complexes out here are all managed by 2 companies, and after talking to both of them on the phone and hearing "we allow dogs, cats, fish and birds and offering to pay a bigger deposit and such and them saying "its in the rule book, and if we allow 1 we have to allow all" I've given up all hope for apartments out here and moved into looking at private rentals and will be talking to housing tomorrow, and depending on what they say the wife and i may just stay with one of my friends and his wife (who is becoming a vet) until a house opens up.

Either way those little dudes aren't going anywhere, nor being separated seeing as they are brothers who we've had since they were babies.
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Ugh moving is stressful! I wish you all luck and hope the best for you and your family .
I laughed when I saw the pics! Look-they're practicing hiding! LOL

You sound like you have a plan in staying with a friend. Good luck, and cute piggies! It's nice to hear someone is devoted to their pets, and doesn't just dump them when the going gets rough.
Ugh, that's absolutely terrible. Have they ever SEEN a guinea pig? They're not exactly pests..... I'm very lucky in that in my area, everyone who's said "no pets" has laughed at me when I mentioned guinea pigs and told me of course it's okay, if it's not a cat or dog.

You should look into the renting laws where you're moving; in my area you must give 24 hours' notice to enter an apartment for any reason. It sounds like you have friends there, so you might be able to move them the day before the inspector comes.

Good luck!
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