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Dominance Mother pig showing dominance over daughter?


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Oct 26, 2011
So I have eleven guinea pigs at this time and up until now I've never had really any dominance issues with the girls. But lately one of my girls, Jasmine has been bullying one of her grown up daughters. Every three or four days she will chase her around the cage mounting her and keeping her from eating. There has been no blood yet but she does snap at her. Pandora is just too quick for her and gets away. Because incl[SUB]uding these two there are two other girls in the cage there are two pellet bowls and three different places for hay and also there are four water bottles all around the cage!
I just don't know if I should do something. I feel so bad because Pandora has been squealing and it just sounds so awful.[/SUB]
Typically, females don't have as bad of dominance issues as males. Your girlies shouldn't have any blood shed. Also, while it may break your heart that a mother is doing this to a daughter, don't worry. Piggies are piggies. In other words, for example: Don't worry that it's a mother beating on a daughter. :)

I wouldn't worry about doing anything UNLESS it gets very violent. (i.e blood, you can tell they are in pain, etc..)

But, I can assume how you feel.

And, I am very impressed by your 11 PIGS! I don't know HOW ON EARTH you keep up with them! But kudos to you for it, however you are doing it!

(off topic, but how big and what kind of a cage(s) do you have for your piggies? What genders and etc as well? Thanks!)

Hope this helps!

Currently we have eight female (Cocoa, Pandora, Arabella, Jasmine, Zelda, Guiness, Zelda, and Reeses) and we have three boys (Wiley, Flapjack, and Peanut) Peanut is currently a foster but once he is out of quarantine we are going to see if he can bond with our boys. Currently our two boys wiley and flapjack are in a 2 x 5 and peanut is in a 2 x 4 until he gets out of quarantine. We started with a 2 x 3 and he just seemed too cramped cause he is a big boy. :)

We have our girls split up into two cages that are both 2 x 6. We have the cages on a large metal rack. The metal rack has three shelves. and so its holds our girls and two of the boys. The foster, peanut, is in our bedroom for the tme being in his 2 x 4. It is tough to keep up with them, but floor time does get interesting. Of course, boys and girls come out at seperate times. :) Lap time I try to do while I'm on the computer or watching tv. My piggies do get fresh veggies daily. But that part does get super expensive. :( Totally worth it though.
As for the hay, I buy from a local feed store at 17.50 a bale. A bale will last me about a month even though they have access to hay 24/7.

Thank you for the feedback. :)

Also, if anyone if concerned. We have 5 grand in savings set aside for any emergency vet care needed for them.
Mother pig showing dominance over daughter?
Mother pig showing dominance over daughter?
Mother pig showing dominance over daughter?
Mother pig showing dominance over daughter?Just a picture of all of the girls:
Mother pig showing dominance over daughter?
Oh, they are just adorable! If your not already weighing them you will need to start. This way you will know that the daughter is getting enough to eat. You will need to do it at the same time everyday, I weigh mine before their morning meal to get the most accurate weight. Good luck!
Thank you. Ive been looking for a good scale to use since my last one broke. Now I have watched them closely and she doesnt gaurd the bowl too often. One other question...how likely is it that I could bond my foster with my two males once he,is out of quarantine?
Your piggies are too cute! What are their age ranges?
Wow! I am intrigued by your cages..Is there any way you would be able to post some photos of it?
The only way to know if the new piggy will get along with the already bonded boars is to go through introductions properly. There is a link on the main page on how to do it. You want to start in a neatural area and see how that goes, then move them to their completely sanitized/desented cage. You will need to check for bites and that they aren't losing weight daily. Good luck!
The link to introductions isn't on this site, it's at Guinea Pigs Social Life. The Introductions section is about halfway down.

Kristen, Pandora sounds like she may have ovarian cysts -- that's not normal behavior for a sow. I'd have a good vet check her out.
So, just so I'm sure about this. Im gonna for over it. Pandora is the one being bullied by her mother but you think she may have ovarian cysts? If you think she may I will definately take her to the vet no problem I just want to be sure. Could there by any way I could feel around her stomach or anything?
Oops, I read it backwards. Not enough coffee yet. Sorry.

The one who is doing the bullying is the one who should be checked for cysts.

Glad you asked for a clarification.
Okay! Thank you! Jasmine is the mama bully. She is the orange and white pig on the right in the pictures above.

The thing that would concern me about her was she had two back to back pregnancies. When we recieved her she was on her second pregnancy and her two current babies were with her. Coud that be a contributing factor? She's always been a small pig. But after she had her last litter she's been meaner. Her first litter had two babies, the second there were six, but one was a stillborn :(
Oh! And Pandora is the one on the far right that is black, orange, and white. In front of the litle black and brown one (guiness) :)
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