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Mother dies 7 days after giving birth


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Jan 16, 2010
Hello, everyone! I've been searching the net for answers. But I guess the reason I couldn't get a clear one is it's difficult to find a similar situation.

So one of my fosters, Tammy, gave birth 7 days ago. She was already pregnant when she was surrendered. She was only 4-5 months old when she got pregnant so I worried about her giving birth. On May 23, she gave birth to two pups. To my surprise, the babies came out just fine and she did well too. She was a great mom; her kids always trailed behind her.

For 6 days, she and her babies did not have any signs of illness. I'm well aware of the fact that pregnancy and labor pose a high risk on the mother's health and life, as well as on her babies. So I was very happy that all 3 of them were fine, healthy, and active. But early in the morning today, at 3am, I found her, all of a sudden, already stiff. :(( I checked her mouth and it had something like Critical Care in it, and her chin and chest were wet.

What could be the cause of her death? One of my piggies before died choking on a piece of carrot, but she didn't have something in her mouth when I found her. Is it possible that the postpartum complications only occurred seven days after giving birth? Could it be pregnancy toxemia? But Tammy didn't have the symptoms. And what was in her mouth? These are the questions boggling me right now as I grieve.

At the moment, the 7-day old babies are fine. When I removed Tammy from their pen, they were wheeking, obviously looking for their mama. :( I was so touched that my foster fail Dani immediately fostered/adopted them. She lets the babies cuddle beside her.

I'm not giving the babies any milk replacement, per suggestion of most people from forums and guinea pig sources. I'm glad they have learned to drink from a small water bottle before their mama passed away.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Mother dies 7 days after giving birth
This is Mama Tammy and her babies. I miss Tammy so much. :(
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