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Play Momo's Day Out~


Cavy Slave
Apr 21, 2012
Hi! Today was the first day my piggie Momo took a trip outside to enjoy the nice weather and green grass. I was wondering how long I should have her out there? Is it bad to have her out too long? She seems to be enjoying herself :3:love:
If it's warm and dry out and she has a spot where she can be out of the direct sunlight, she'd be fine as long as you're out there with her. I would not keep her out there by herself for any length of time to to keep her safe. It takes a split second for a predator to come along and get into even the best reinforced enclosure.
Ty for your reply!~ :3 Ill be sure too keep her safe.
It also depends on if she's used to having a lot of grass. Too much grass all at once (if they don't get it very often) can cause some tummy troubles.
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