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Mom of 3 Real Boys and 2 GP boys!


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Mar 17, 2012
Hi everyone,

I'm a 31 year old mother of 3, and we just recently added to new GP's to our family. We got them kinda on a spur of the moment decision :eek:, but I have fallen for them both. I've spent a fortune on them recently, and I wasn't sure if I was buying the right things or not, so I decided to join a forum where people actually know what they are doing.

Anyway, the new GP's are named Bugsy and Sweetie Pig. I believe one is a White Crested, and I think the other is an American??? If I can, I'll try to post pictures later. I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning everything I can about these little guys.
Welcome to the forum!

Where did you get your piggies? And how are they housed?
I actually got them from a local pet store, and initially they were housed in a regular guinea pig cage that you can buy from the store. However, I soon realized that cage was WAY too small, so my husband and I went back and bought another one, cut a hole in the sides of both cages and built a wooden box for them to cross back and forth between. I'd say the cage is around 4 ft long at this point. There is also an upper and lower deck in the cages. They cross over on the top if that makes any sense. There is food and water in both cages and hide boxes on both sides as well. :)
Congrats on your 4 kids (human and furry) would love to see pigtures and your setup of your housing.

Please build a C&C cage. 4 square feet is way to small.
Welcome to the forum! I have two human boys and four guinea pig boys. Guinea pigs are addicting little creatures. ;) Post some pictures of the guinea pigs when you get a chance!
Okay, I measure my current cage, and it is around 54in long and around 24in wide; however, I am going to get the C&C cage as soon as my husband gets paid again. With that being said, I'm curious why people use the fleece over bedding? Just curious more than anything else. :)
Okay, I hope this works this time. I'm trying to get pictures of my little guys up here. LOL! [GuineaPigCages.com] Mom of 3 Real Boys and 2 GP boys!

[GuineaPigCages.com] Mom of 3 Real Boys and 2 GP boys!

The tri colored on the left is Bugsy, and the cream colored one is Sweetie Pig. I think Bugsy is an American, and I think Sweetie is a White Crested?? Anyone know for sure?
Okay, so do you know what Breed they are? I think I'm correct, but I'm not sure.
NVM, I'm silly sometimes. You were responding to what breed they are. LOL! Sorry.
AWWW SO SWEET PIGGIES. Dont worry cause I had to learn after I got mine too. it takes a while but you get the set up you want and your piggies will love it.
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