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Skin Problems Mities


Cavy Slave
May 24, 2012
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Does this look like mites or any other skin disorder to anyone? I do see Cocoa eating poor Skittles hair. At times I do see all three of my guinea pigs scratch and then they do stop and go around to do other things.
Okay thank you soo much. I'll try revolution and see how it goes. I don't like the idea of injecting.
Okay thank you soo much. I'll try revolution and see how it goes. I don't like the idea of injecting.
I've never had personal experience with either, but I've heard that ivermectin is more reliable against mites, while Revolution is more for ticks or fleas. The link bpatters provided also mentions that ivermectin can be given orally and not injected.
Yes, only vets give injections. If you treat yourself you do it orally or topically.
Okay I'll try ivermectin. Do you think I should treat all my guinea pigs. just in case?
All of the pigs that live with the pig that has mites need to be treated.
Okay I'll call the vet and head there. They aren't open as of yet >.<. I saw on another post that a farm supply store might carry it. Is it that specifically a place that sells fruit or a place that actually sells farm products. I live in Florida.
Ivermectin comes in a horse wormer paste. It can be found at feed stores where supplies are sold for livestock. In AZ WalMart carries it in the pet/horse section. It has to be diluted down by water so it can be given to your pig per wt. The threads given by bpatters for guinealynx should give you all the info you need and how to use ivermectin.

The amount diluted down is enough to give more than one pig at a time. It is given orally by syringe per wt. of pig.
Okay I just call the vet and spoke with the receptionist they are all busy today and it is memorial weekend. The only available appointment is on Tuesday at 2:20. Do you think that they will be okay til then. I get scared of overdosing/under dosing them, I even get scared of dosing myself. I saw the chart and If I calm down I might be able to handle it if my mom helps. Shes an LPN. I'll update you.
Your Mom will definitely be able to help you with the dosage, and it's better not to wait. The mites burrow under the skin, and it's very painful.
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