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Cyst Midnights getting surgery


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May 7, 2009
So Midnight has a sebaceous cyst. The original plan was to leave it alone and do nothing but it has gotten very big, very ugly, very gross and it bleeds sometimes. It cannot be comfortable and I don't want it getting infected or anything. So I will be getting it removed. I will make the appointment tomorrow so it will be sometime this week. Is there anything I need to do before? What about after? Do I need to separate her from the other pigs or anything?
Her appointment is on thursday to have it removed.
We didn't have to do anything for Picckalo before he had a procedure w/ general anesthesia. They don't fast or anything, in my experience, since they're supposed to eat all the time. He started eating hay fairly soon after coming out of it.

I don't know about separating him from the other pigs -- Picckalo was solo so it didn't come up.

I hope everything goes well!
Im thinking of sectioning off the cage so they can still see and hear each other and so the other pigs cannot bother her.
You can always feed Midnight some Oxbow brand Critical Care. It's packed with vitamins to boost a guinea pig's immune system. My vet had me give it to my guinea pig twice a day the week before and the week after his surgery to have a tumor removed.

I would separate just in case, you can never be too careful.
She had her surgery today and it went great. I put her in a sectioned off area of the cage but it just stressed her out. She wanted to get to the other part so I took down the divider. She ran into a hidey and sat there for a while. She has now come out and is running around a little. She is eating fine and is doing great.
That is great news. So glad all went well.
you should separate her just to be safe.
Im really not worried. My pigs are very nice to each other and when Muki was sick (she had heart disease) they left her alone. Midnight also seems to be feeling really well. She is pretty much acting normal. Begging for food, running around etc. It really stressed her out to be separated.
I'm so glad it went well. Just keep an eye on her to make sure no one is bothering the surgery site.
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