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General Methods to spot clean poop


Cavy Slave
Jan 12, 2012
So before I joined I read someone's post here about using fleece instead of normal bedding. I've been doing that and it's really reduced the time it takes to completely clean the cage.

So what do you do with all those little poops daily? Mine poop ALOT and it looks like the cage really ought to be spot cleaned every day, if not twice a day. It's a real chore trying to pick each poop up with a paper towel - and wasteful of my paper towels too.

How do you all like to do it? I've been thinking of getting a handheld vacuum and doing it while they exercise - but I'd like to hear your methods :)
I've heard that some people use a hand held vacuum and some sweep them up with a mini broom and dust pan. Personally, I pick them up with my hand (I wear those yellow dish washing gloves from the dollar store) and then rinse the gloves when I'm done. I also have a little garbage can with a lid next to the cage to make it easier.
I have a small broom and dust pan and also a hand held vacuum.
I've also heard the vaccum idea and the mini broom and pan are a great idea. I don't use fleece so I just use a glove and pick them up that way.
Thanks everyone!! I'll pick up a hand held vacume and some gloves today :) How small are the broom and dustpan and where did you find them? I haven't seen anything like that!
I have a four year old son, so I used to deal with poop on a daily basis when he was younger, big poops! So I'm not afraid to pick them up using my hand!! I do this everytime I'm near the cage, as I'm leaving, and toss them in the trash. I wash my hands with soap after.

I tried a vacuum, but that scared the crap(no pun intended) out of my two guys.
How small are the broom and dustpan and where did you find them? I haven't seen anything like that!

I was looking for a small broom and dustpan for a while, then one day at work I was walking through the cat litter aisle. . .
Fresh Kitty Cat Litter Box Organizer at PETCO

It has worked pretty great for me when I'm feeling good about cleaning. But most of the time I just flip over and igloo, pick 'em up and put them in there and dump everything into the toilet and rinse the igloo back out. lol
I sweep the poops or if I am just walking by and there isn't too many I'll pick them up by hand and wash my hands. I tired vaccuming and it scared my pigs so I'll never do that again.
dust pan - Walmart.com

(broken link removed)

I have fleece, so I can just imagine how difficult and time consuming it would be to use paper towels to pick up the poo. Hope I helped!
Thanks everyone!! I will get a dust-pan too :) That is so awesome. It was so tedious and wasteful with the paper towels, you hit the nail right on the head, Roxymarie365 lol

I got a hand held vacume, but I don't plan on using it while they are in the cage. I also got some rubber gloves for hand picking poop and they worked great! (the vaccume is still charging lol) but the plan was to vacuume while they are playing in their exercise pen, maybe every other day, and spot clean with a dustpan and mini broom every day, and gloves for when they get one of those really poopy areas a few times a day lol - I'd like to keep it clean at all times if I can - or as close as possible. I figure if I'm just sitting reading a book or something, I could clean it up first and enjoy the clean feeling lmao xD I'm not really a clean freak though- just with poop I am. :p
I sweep the cage with a mini dust pan and broom. If you don't do it everyday it can be time consuming though. I found it at Walmart. You could try checking there.
i used to use a vacuum, but the vacuum clogged up one too many times. now i use a small broom/brush type thing and a dustpan and i sweep up the poops daily. :3
I do the hand sweeper and dust pan. I do it twice a day. :)
I have fleece pads and shake them out twice a day into a trash can. I also have a little hand broom and dustpan but I noticed it damages the fleece so I'm careful to lightly brush it if I use it to sweep up the poop.
$2 solution @ dollar store, a childs sandbox shovel and a cheap paint brush sized to the shovel, can saw off the long handle on the shovel and sand the edge smooth. I used to carry that to sweep out my tent. Additionaly if it comes with a bucket a handy poop container!

I just got a paint brush, and it works far better than the hand broom did, and it doesn't snag the fleece the way the broom did.
I keep store bags (target ones are my fave b/c they are thicker) and use a little broom/dustpan to sweep poos.

They just had broom/dustpans in the dollar section of the targets here...they were pretty colors too.

I was thinking of using a vacuum, but I would think that after sucking up the peed on hay and poo's that after a week it would stink when you turn it on. Anyone had this problem?

The only problem I have with fleece is there is an insane amount of little bits of hay stuck to it and it gets in the washing machine. I'm thinking of ordering this, (broken link removed)

The reviews have said it is good for stuff like fur etc..
I keep meaning to get a little brush/dustpan but in the meantime I've been using a toilet paper cardboard tubes to pick up poos. Just bend/close up one end and it scoops up great! By the time it looks a little worn, our family has gone through another roll of TP and I just replace! I'll eventually try a the broom and dustpan but the TP rolls were easy and on hand!
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