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Megabeast 5/14/05-6/11/12


Cavy Champion, Previous Forum Moderator!
Cavy Slave
Sep 5, 2004
Ly and all that know me. I just wanted to post to say that Megabeast passed away a few hours ago in her sleep. She was born to Ly&Pigs' Chatty and Teddy on May 14, 2005 (after an accidental rendezvous). She traveled from Arkansas all the way to New Orleans to live with me. She went with my family during the Hurricane Katrina evacuation and after months on the road (visiting Chicago and Baltimore--and everywhere in between) she made it all the way back home again. Since then she had bravely taken on 2 more--not so serious-- evacuations.

Megabeast, suffered severe ovarian cysts at a young age and was spayed. After then she was the picture of health and happiness. Her only sadness was losing her older companions over time.

Over the last few days her appetite had diminished and she slept a lot. I checked on her often and bribed her with her favorite treats to keep her strength and appetite up and made sure she had snuggly clean blankets.

I said goodnight to her late last night and when I awoke this morning she was snuggled peacefully in her blanket but her spirit had left her.

Her passing is not a shock as she was just a little over 7 years old when she passed. She outlived all of her siblings against the odds as there was obviously some serious genetic issues in her line since all of her brothers and her half brother died at young ages.

Goodnight sweet Lil Ly Baby Elly MEGABEAST. You were a darling and a joy and will not be forgotten

[GuineaPigCages.com] Megabeast 5/14/05-6/11/12
Sorry for your loss. Run free little one.
I just want to sincerely thank all of the Administrators for the hard work they put into this Website.

I am so sorry for your loss. Even though you lost one, you admins are most of the reason a lot of people are able to provide as proper of care for Piggies as you have.

Thank you for your work, and RIP MegaBeast! Shall' be missed!
RIP MegaBeast. I hope you'd be able to meet the companions who went before you at wherever you piggies go after you die.
RIP sweet piggy! It sounds like she had a wonderful long 7 years with you!!
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