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Meet my Guinea Pigs!


Cavy Slave
Apr 9, 2021
Meet my guinea pigs, George (the black and white one with long hair) and Bubbles (black, white and brown)! I got them a few months ago. They are both boys. Below are some pictures of them!:)
[GuineaPigCages.com] Meet my Guinea Pigs![GuineaPigCages.com] Meet my Guinea Pigs![GuineaPigCages.com] Meet my Guinea Pigs!
Welcome! Cute pigs.

But you should know that your cage is not nearly large enough for two adult males. They need at least 10.5 to 11 square feet, and more is better.
I had that cage for my first pair of boy pigs. The box says it is 2x4foot. I thought it was good to start. It is literally the largest cage the store had. I highly recommend upgrading to a c&c cage. I wish I had done that, considering I knew about c&c cages at the time. I know that cage is like $100. A c&c would have cost me $50 or so.

I moved my boys to a 2x5 c&c cage. The change in them when they had all that space was incredible. They're much more happy in it.

Your boys are probably still young and small. The cage will look large enough for now. But once they get to adult size you'll see how small it is.
Welcome to the forum. What a couple of handsome guys you have there!

I am sure you want your little guys to have a healthy and happy life, so I would like to make a few easy suggestions which will greatly improve their health & well-being.

1. Switch from the Kaytee pellets to a more nutritious and healthy pellet such as Oxbow or KMS brand. Avoid food & treats that contain nuts and colored bits.

2. Make sure they have UNLIMITED quality hay ...again Oxbow is a great brand. Put a nice big pile in since this is their main food.

3. Make sure they get quality fresh veggies daily ( veggies such as green leaf lettuce and green pepper should be regular items).

4. Please invest in a larger cage for two males before they begin fighting and potentially injuring each other as they get bigger and show more dominant behaviors. You can easily and cheaply build a C&C cage ...so this does not have to be expensive but will make a world of difference in your pigs' health and happiness. There are lots of pictures on the forum to give you inspiration.

Remember, guinea pigs can live up to 8 years, so by giving them good care now you will be able to enjoy your adorable boys and avoid preventable vet visits.

I look forward to reading more about them!
Hello, sorry it took so long for me to respond and thank you for the helpful message and suggestions. I am going to be switching them to oxbow brand essentials guinea pig food. I am trying to give them lots of hay too. They do get veggies everyday too. I will be getting them a bigger cage (c and c most likely) once i move. The reason they do not have a larger cage currently is because i have a small room and an indoor cat (who is not allowed in my room but sometimes sneaks in) ,so the cage needed to have a roof.

I do have a couple of questions though so if you have the time if would be great if you could answer.

Is there a way to put a roof on a c and c cage without buying a special one from a guinea pig store? A roof is an absolute necessity for my guinea pigs pigs because of my cat.

How many 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves (amazon basics) would it take to make a 5x2 c&c with a lid?

Is Kaytee brand hay ok? (without carrots or flowers and stuff) it is a lot less expensive than oxbow, and from my experience the oxbow hay is a bit dusty and makes me and my guinea pigs sneeze.

EDIT: also is the c and c cubes i picked ok? i heard some cubes are too big and pigs get their heads stuck.:eek:

Thank for your time reading this and please consider answering my above questions. :)
Hello! You can put a roof on a c and c cage! Here’s a link to that on the cages store. I’m sure you could also just make a lid by using hinges. Here’s a video on how to make one yourself.


For how many cubes you’ll need, it depends. According to the reviews it says that the cubes are approximately 14 inches wide. The grids that they sell from the guinea pig cages store are 14 inches, and a 5 by 4 grid cage is 76 inches by 30 inches. Since the Amazon basics c and c grids aren’t exactly the same as the cubes that the guinea pig cages store sells, the measurements might be a bit off. Another option would just to buy the grids directly from the guinea pig cages store.

Those grids (if I’m looking at the right listing) look to be fine. You just want to watch out for grids that are only divided into six squares.

About the hay. You could use kaytee brand, but I don’t recommend it. It’s usually not very fresh and it’s expensive. I like to buy my hay in bulk off of Amazon. I’ve been buying this brand of hay for years and it’s always green and fresh. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying multiple bags from the pet store. Although that being said, you’ll need a spot to store all that hay. The box it comes in is HUGE! So if you live in an apartment, then you might need to buy hay in smaller packages.

By the way, you guinea pigs are ADORABLE! Bubbles looks like a guinea pig that I fostered.

Awesome, thanks! I will definitely use the video to make to make a lid.

Thanks for the input on the grids and hay too! I'll try bulk hay if i get the chance.
The grids need to have nine holes across. The ones with eight won't work, although you can use them as a stand underneath the cage.

You need 10 cubes to make the walls of a 5x2 cage (remember your math? Length times width?). If you make a floor of cubes, you need another 10. If you use grids to make the lid (I don't recommend that), you need another 10.

If it were me, I wouldn't put a bottom on it unless it's going to be up on a table and part of it hangs over. And I'd use closet shelving for a lid -- much easier and much, much sturdier. Actually, I'd just build the whole thing out of shelving -- that's what I used for years.

Anything Kaytee sells is pretty low quality. And buying hay in small quantities is absolutely the most expensive way to buy it. You're much better off with hay from a local supplier if you've got one, or ordering 40-50 pound boxes online if not.
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