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Meet my Boy Guinea Pigs!


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Mar 28, 2012
I haven't posted any pictures yet of my guinea pigs so I thought I would introduce them.


Goofy-He was bought from Petsmart(I know now that was not good but didn't know then)

Mickey-He was also bought from Petsmart for a buddy for Goofy after we discovered Minnie was not a boy and seperated them.

Donald-He is Goofy and Minnie's son that we decided to keep because he is so darn cute!

I will post my girls in another post!

Minnie-Who was bought from Petsmart with Goofy and was sold to us as a girl. I didn't think to check and when I finally discovered she was a girl it was to late and she was pregnant. She had 3 babies(one was still born) I found a wonderful home for her daughter and kept her son.

Daisy-Bought from Petsmart for Minnie after we seperated her from Minnie. We had to take her back the next day after she was sold to us with a URI and Ringworm.

Gracie-We got her off of Kijiji after she was saved from being snake food. I couldn't imagine sweet Gracie being in a snake's tummy.

La La-We rescued her from the SPCA a couple weeks ago because I fell in love with her when I saw her picture of the website. We were there the next day as soon as they opened. She was there for less the 24 hours. Here is La La and Gracie.

And here is Minnie, La La, and Daisy playing the the hay.
Your piggies are so cute!
Thanks xXMaggieXx :)!
Oh, Mickey is a beautiful silkie! I have a silkie boy myself, but I keep his hair shorter. They're so regal looking and beautiful!

How do you manage to keep his fur so long and clean at the same time? I'm jealous.
Very cute!! Though Gracie has to be my fave:)
Love 'em! Goofy's name looks like it totally fits him.
@MissJean I have to brush him daily. The hair around his bum I keep really short though.

Thanks arionat799 :)!
Aww... I love them! So adorable!
Thanks mufasa & faithandhope :)!
Wow I was just re-reading my post and I messed up on alot of it lol! I had my daughter and son talking to me at the same time so sorry if any of it doesn't make sense. Minnie was sold to us as a male. I got daisy when I seperated Minnie from Goofy(not Minnie)
HAHAHA I just love pigs with hair like Goofy. They make me :D:D:D. Beautiful piggies and little girl, she looks so happy!
Thanks kananaka :)! Yes my little girl loves her guinea pigs.
They are all cute! :D
Thanks Beloved89 :)!
Awww they are so cute! Goofy kind of looks like a short haired version of my boy, Moo :p
Thanks CavyPeep :)!
6 guinea pigs! It's a full piggy house. They are all so pretty and cute.

I also mess up a lot because the kids are talking to me. Spelling, grammar, coherency... Lol
Thanks Inle_Rabbit :)! Its actually 7 guinea pigs lol. I have a problem with saying no to sweet little guinea pig faces when I have the room in my cage but I promised my husband no more. Kids are so distracting. I mess up so much on here all the time because I have my kids or my husband talking to me that everything I meant to say doesn't make any sense. Its a possibilty this one wont either for the same reason lol!
WOW 7!! I have a hard time keeping up with my two girls. You are very blessed to have super cute ones!!
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