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Meet Big bun, Minxy and Ditto...


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Mar 14, 2005
These are older pictures...

Ditto is the white bunny, she is almost 9 years old, and has been with me since she was a baby...Someone bought her at easter and realized they did not want her...So she came to live with me:D

Big Bun & Minxy just recently came to live with me, I got them from Sweet Binks rabbit rescue...Big Bun is the spotted bun and Minxy is the rex..Minxy is 3 years old and Big Bun is about 1 1/2...Big bun was thrown in a dumpster behind Atwood animal hospital here in RI..People are just sick!!!

[GuineaPigCages.com] Meet Big bun, Minxy and Ditto...
[GuineaPigCages.com] Meet Big bun, Minxy and Ditto...
They are so cute , how can anyone do that to an animal? There are some messed up people in this world .
I really like Big Bun! Good for you for saving them!
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Big Bun is still adjusting to his new found freedom (I let them free roam since they are litter trained) And he is still weary of me..Minxy is a bold bun, she goes up the steps to investigate.She never gets all the way up though..:) Minxy was binking all over last night it was hilarious!! Ditto is just an old bun, but she still binks too;)

I'll never get over how cruel people can be>_< makes me angry...

I let my buns free roam when I am home..When we go out, they are in their wabbaminioum...Just for their safety...Although the rabbits and the pigs have their own room..its the enclosed porch to our house...And that is totally safe for the pigs to have floor time (when the rabbits are in their cage ofcourse) and then after the pigs have their floor time, I let the rabbits back out..Usually they just lounge around:)
I can't understand why people are so cruel to sweet animals like Big Buns. These sweet creatures did not do anything to them I think Big buns is really cute Minxy and Ditto are cute to.
I can't beleive people do that to bunnies! To any animal- but especially smaller- sweet animals like a bun!
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