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Bonding Meet Bella , Gingers new friend!


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Feb 13, 2012
[GuineaPigCages.com] Meet Bella , Gingers new friend!

First this is not where we keep them. My husband took Ginger in with the kids to meet Bella to see how they would do together and as you can see their friendship was instant! Bella is the white one on top. This was on the car ride home.( I have a small portable traveler but no one could find it)

Bella was given to our local Garden plant and nursery along with her brother. This nursery takes in Guinea pigs who are no longer wanted . I was concerned at first because I was told there is a possibility she is pregnant. That the couple had two kids that were irresponsible with them and did not take care of them. Bella she said will swat with her front paws to let you know she does not want to be bothered. Having 2 boys, myself I did not want to traumatize her with what she went through, although my boys have done very well with animals. But when I went to pick up more food yesterday I had to take a peek at her with my daughter and we both fell in love. So I had my husband go back today to see how the piggies and kids would all do.

As for the pregnancy , when I was in there the lady said she was told by the couple that the pigs were housed seperately and never together. From what the Nursery lady said she does not think she is pregnant but cannot guarantee it 100%. So it was a chance we were willing to take.

As for Bella she is the calmest sweetest little thing. Both my boys have held her and she does wonderful with them and my girls. She loves to snuggle up by their necks and will sit and purr with them. So far we have seen no aggressiveness.

When we introduced her into the same cage with Ginger , Ginger tried to be boss by nudging her and a few nose taps,(she did this with Shadow too!) but now they are curled up together and getting along just fine!
Oh and what breed do you think she is? I was thinking a cross between a Abbys and Purv?
yay, happy it all worked out for them. they are both beautiful
They're so cute! Such a sweet photo...looks somewhat pre-mounting, but still very sweet ;)
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