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Adopting Meet Amy, Our Latest Addition


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Mar 20, 2012
Just wanted to share a photo of Amy (her name would have followed the Futurama trend if Leela didn't turn out to be Borat). Sorry about the wild colored felt but that's just temporary for her grid playpen. She's going to become Borat's platonic companion, either as a next door neighbor or, if they seem to get along well, as a cage mate once he gets neutered. I just want to be sure they seem compatible before we subject him to surgery.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Meet Amy, Our Latest Addition
We adopted her from Craigslist, and we know for sure she's a girl because she had a litter. Her story was what made me double check Borat's sex, as her former owners were told they were buying a same sex pair, and she ended up pregnant and had two babies. All the other piggies had already been given away. Her color reminded hubby of Mufasa, so we took her even after finding out Borat's true sex.

Right now they're in separate pet store cages (ugh). They're 47 by 23, with a shelf I use as a kitchen, so not ideal but tolerable till we decide on the final living arrangements and make something custom. I've got plenty of grids already and have made separate playpens so they can have lots of time outside of the cages.

Does she need a long quarantine if she's been away from other piggies for a few weeks? Borat was with one other piggie at the shelter, but it was his long-time companion and he was there for over a month. They both seem very healthy, and Amy is a real talker and attention hound who adores her veggies. She came in a much smaller pet store cage, and when I put her in the new one, she ran around in circles and popcorned like crazy. My husband and I give them separate lap time at night, and they have separate playpens with tunnels and other toys, so everyone's getting plenty of attention.

They'll initially live next door to each other in the pet store cages to see how they react. If it's iffy, we'll make a cage with a divider. If they really seem to like each other, Borat will get snipped (I think I can trust the vet where I finally got a definitive answer on his sex to do the neutering) and they can have a palatial guinea pig mansion together.

I'm so glad I found this forum after buying Mufasa. I learned the error of my ways the hard way by losing him, but at least I learned about adoption and now we have two wonderful new family members. Baby piggies are cute, but my two adopted adults are so full of personality and love; they've confirmed for me that adoption is the only way to go.
congrats she is pretty.
Awww...She is a lil Doll...Luv the wild hair..;) !! I really hope they get along and become besties !! Same thing kinda happened to us. My son got his piggy Skittles. The person we got him from said that He was a She. So all this time we thought Skittles was a female ( he was our first ever piggy..so we where still learning).

Well we decided to get him a playmate. We got my daughter Mocha which is a female. Long story short, Skittles showed us that he had a pair and he was proud of them...LOL !! Luckly Mocha didn't get prego, before we got Skittles snipped. They luved each other until skittles passed away. I swear i think Mocha still misses him--she will go lay just on his bed at night..!!
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Thanks! Yes, her fur makes her look like a punk piggy. I can't believe what a little spitfire she is compared to Mr. Laid Back Borat.
She looks so cute! Doncha just love how piggies can vary so much in personality? There's something cool to appreciate about every piggie!

I'd never break quarantine, but I'm always extra paranoid about things. Piggies hide their illnesses and I don't like taking risks. My two new piggies came from a reputable rescue and I'm still doing a 3 week quarantine. I do wish my hands weren't raw from the obsessive hand washing, though. :eek:
Good advice! I'm actually somewhat suspicious that Amy has mites because she itches more than Borat and doesn't seem to like her flanks touched when you're petting her down her back. When you reach that spot, she purrs, but I think it's an annoyed purr. She does have hair loss, and it seems odd since she's been away from the other piggies for a while, but I might treat her with Ivermectin just to be on the safe side.
Thanks for the Abby pointers! I've been researching more here, and it looks like bald spots behind the ears are normal, even sometimes when rather larger, so I'm going to just keep an eye on her. The spots don't look irritated at all so hopefully it's just the norm for her. I just love her crazy coat. She's definitely a feisty redhead.

I've been experimenting with different ways to pet her. I wish I could tell if she's purring in happiness or annoyance, but I don't know her well enough to tell. She does seem to enjoy lap time, and she seemed to absolutely love it when my husband gave her scritches all over her face/cheeks, so she does like at least some kinds of petting. I'll get a video of her purring and see if the more experience piggy owners here can tell if it's a love thing or a hate thing.
She is lovely!
After you get the male neutered you'll need to wait a few weeks before putting them together.

It's very rare that a neutered male/intact female pairing doesn't work.
I think Mufasa would have been more like your Chester as he purred at strange noises or if he was startled. He showed his pleasure with contented little mumbling noises rather than purring.

I'm pretty sure Amy is more of a growler, while Borat is the strong, silent type. My husband can get him to mumble like Mufasa used to once in a while if he pets him just right, but mostly he just chills during lap time.

FoggyCreek, I read that about neutering so he's definitely not getting anywhere near Amy until I know he's "safe." The only possible conflict I can imagine is that they both seem to have dominant personalities. I suspect they can work it out, though.
Again, it depends on the individual cavy. Chester usually purrs (I call it "growling") more often in annoyance. It can be when I won't give him what he wants, when he doesn't want to be petted, the sound of jangling household keys, or some sound on television. His late brother was more apt to purr with pleasure. You will get to know her personality and it will become obvious.
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