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Me and my three girls.


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Cavy Slave
Mar 26, 2012
[GuineaPigCages.com] Me and my three girls.[GuineaPigCages.com] Me and my three girls.❤️:)
I love cavies and have since I was about 11-12yrs old and if I had seen a cavy before
then I would have still loved them. My oldest girl is Snowflake,is a white crested,pure
white with a crest on her head and bright pink eyes;she is a loner because i had her
alone for around 7mths it's amazing that she prefers that i thought. The second oldest
is Abby,she is about 7wks old she is an abbysinian&sheltie,she has alot of white and
has dark brown patches around her eyes and a caramel colour on her side and a little
on her back and a small dark patch on her nose. Last is Bella,she is mainly a caramel
colour with a white crest on her head and a little white on her body and she's about
4-5wks old i'm guessing.


2012-03-14 16.04.32.jpg 2012-03-08 17.39.53-1.jpg
Very cute girls
Adorable. Can't they all live in the same cage?
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