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Me and my piggies are new here :-)

SpazNMeos momma

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Dec 30, 2011
Hello ladies and gents,
Ive been reading the message boards on this site for a while, but didnt have my pigs yet so I waited. Well now Ive had my piggies for a week or so and decided to join the group. Im looking forward to getting to know each of you and your piggies!

:love:Ashleigh & the pigs Spaz and Romeo
Wow I just realized im horrible at introductions, so ill try again. My name is Ashleigh my full time non paid job is a military wife and mom. My full time paid job is a mobile pet groomer. We have a large family, its my husband, me, my son (human) Carl, my furry son (dog) Lucky, the hermit crab Sabastian, and the new additions Spaz and Meo(GP's). We added the piggies about a week ago. We built them a C& C cage and are now trying to get them to warm up to us. Meo is my little lover. he cuddles up to my neck and gives sweet little GP kisses. Hince the name. Spaz is still very sky and just runs and freaks when we try to get him out for floor time. Im hoping he will get used to it eventually. I never realized how much fun these little guys could be any advice on getting started and zny other info is always appriciated. Once again I look forward to getting to know you all.

Ash & the gang
Hi Ashleigh, welcome to the forum! It sounds like you have your hands full! Many of us here are human and furry baby mommies and would love to see photos of your new GP's
Hi and welcome! We love pictures around here so if you have any we would love to see them!
I am also a military wife and a mom to 3 kids 3 cats and 2 guinea pigs :)
Welcome. Looking forward to lots of pictures and sharing.
Me and my piggies are new here :-)Me and my piggies are new here :-)

Meo is the darker one enjoying an apple slice, and Spaz is the white one with a crest. Meo is a little lover. Spaz is a goof ball. He posed for the camera.
They are soo cute!! Welcome!! Feel free to ask lots of questions...and share more!! haha lol
AHLEIGH! yay i found u!! lol i Love yalls pigs they r so sweet! and Mr.wiggles loves them we will have to do a GP sleep over again some time! =]
They are just adorable! Thanks for the pictures!
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