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Me and My Kitty Bear


Cavy Slave
Apr 3, 2012
Hello, hello! My name is Cassie, and I'm technically new to the whole guinea pig thing. I had one when I was very young, but he bit me very early on, so I never got very attached to him. In fact, you could say I largely ignored him, so it was very lucky for him that he didn't bite my sister as well. >__<

Right now, I have my new guinea pig Kitty Bear, who I bought from a Petco not far from my house. She has a very large cage (also store bought), however, if I had been able to find Coroplaster before I bought her, I would have made her a C&C cage. For now, her cage is quite big enough, but in the (near) future, I will most certainly be making her a bigger cage. She seems to be of good health as well, although I'd like to take her to the vet before I make any assertions.

At the moment, she is munching happily on some Alfalfa hay (as she is still very young) and a baby carrot, and I seem to be lucky in that she is very friendly and unusually outgoing, from what I can tell. She does run and hide when she's startled, but she's not shy about purring, popcorning, taking food from my hand, or even being taken out of her cage.

I am a happy pet owner, and she is apparently a happy pet, so I greatly look forward to my next few years with her, however short or (hopefully) long they may be. ^-^
It occurs to me now that I may want to explain Kitty Bear's name. xD

I am an avid fan of South Park. As such, my mother sometimes gets sucked into watching it with me. She is an avid fan of Mr. Kitty. She frequently and with many errors quotes the "no kitty, this is my pot pie" quote from the first episode. Evidently, it is comedic gold. In the most recent episode, Mr. Kitty made a reappearance. Several days later, I got my guinea pig. At first, I was going to name her Zhenya (the Russian short form of the name 'Evgeniy'), but upon purchase, realized it didn't fit. My mom tells me to name her "Kitty" after South Park's Mr. Kitty. Not wanting to sound like an obsessive fangirl, I refuse.
It didn't work.
'Bear' got added when I realized that repeating the word 'Kitty' over and over to her didn't sound quite right. I tried calling her Kitty Bean, but that didn't sound good either. Then I realized that when I was a baby, my mom called me "Cassie Bear." So, I looked at my guinea pig and said, "Kitty Bear."
The name stuck.
And thus, Princess Kitty Bear received her name. :)
Cute name. :)

Having her checked out at a vet is a good idea, especially given that she came from a store, where health problems seem more rampant than in shelters or rescues. I'll spare you the lecture on how this is a pro-adoption anti-store forum, because 1) that would make me a hypocrite, given that we got Kwee from Petsmart, and 2) there's no shortage of people here who will gladly tell you for me. lol
Welcome to the world of piggies! So glad you found us. Look into all the great threads there are on keeping you Kitty Bear a happy and healthy pig.
Plus, we love pictures. Would love to see a picture of your new love. Looking forward to sharing all things piggie.
Feel free to ask any questions you my have. We are here for you and your Kitty Bear.
Hello, Welcome to you and kitty bear, Great story btw, and you will most definitely love it here on this forum. Don't worry about getting her from pet store as many of us have fallen victim to a cute little piggie in the window. I however will request getting a friend from a shelter,rescue. You sound like you have a plan on getting a bigger cage and vet appointment so I commend you on that. Please post pictures of her and her cage when you get it built. Oh and you dont have to have coroplast either shower curtain and some fleece blankets work just as well. You can purchase grids at Walmart,target,bed bath and beyond. Ebay sells complete c and c cage kits or the grids for making your own.
you cant always get c&c cages on ebay i think that might only be in America so it depends where you live.

Anyway your piggy sounds gorgeous and i hope she is nice and healthy :)
Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm happy to be here, too. I've already learned quite a lot about guinea pig care, so I definitely feel that this is the place I should be. ^-^
Welcome! I hope you enjoy the forums! I am glad you have found your way into the world of piggies. They definitely changed my life when I got my first two piggies a year and a half ago.
Oh, and I love Kitty Bear's name! South Park rules.
I just wanted to second suzilovespiggies in that we LOOVE pigtures, so please share if you can! :D
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