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Me and my abyssinian Ollie


Cavy Slave
Jun 22, 2012
Hi! My name is Michael (I know I'm a boy, you don't see lots of boys with guinea pigs) and I am 13 years old. I have a male Abyssinian, Ollie. He is apart of our family and I love him. I used to have a short hair, Bandit, but he died because of an Upper Respiratory Infection :(! But Ollie cheers me up! Thanks for reading :)
Welcome to the forum. Do you have a picture of Ollie to share?
Welcome to the forum! Ditto the pigture request. Also, have you considered getting Ollie a friend? I am so sorry about the loss of Bandit. I understand if that is why Ollie is a lone pig.
I will take a picture of him tomorrow and post it here for sure! No thats not why he is alone, I do not have enough space for 2, it is a four foot long cage!
I do not have enough space for 2, it is a four foot long cage!

It is only about 14 inches longer than a 2x3. Guinea pigs are social herd animals and do much better with a friend :).

Read up here, here, and here on guinea pigs social life and companionship. There are also many threads on the forum about it, use the search engine to locate those.
So your saying I have enough space for 2?!
Is your cage a 2x3 or a 2x4? It's a C&C cage, right?
It is a cage with a top, 4 feet long.
So...is it a C&C cage or not?
Well I do not know what that is. It has a bottom with a wire top so it is totaly covered.
Maybe you could post a pic?

Regardless, I'd recommend getting a C&C cage. Check out the home page of this site for more info.
Okay I can't post a pic until tomorrow, expect a few of Ollie and his cage.
Do you think you'd be able to get a C&C cage?
@Ollie You said your cage is 4 feet long but how wide is it?
Hi Micheal! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about Bandit, I'm sure you and Ollie both miss him.
Anyway welcome to the forum!
I can't wait to see pictures of Ollie and his cage.
two feet wide @Raine59 and I think I can get a C&C. Why are they preferred??
So that is 8 square feet which is about the minimum for 2 pigs. So you could have 2 pigs but a bigger cage indeed would be better for two. There's nothing really magical about a C&C cage. The important thing is just a big enough cage. Lots of people have really great cages that are not C&Cs. The reason they are so popular is that it is fairly easy and relatively inexpensive to make an acceptable size cage. You said you had two pigs before Bandit died so why did you have enough space then but you don't have enough space now to get another one?
Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home <--- this is why we prefer C&C cages. More room = happier pigs, less odor and easier clean up. 2 ft X 4 ft is not necessarily big enough for 2 pigs. When we say 2X4 we are talking about 2 grids by 4 grids. One grid is a little bigger than a foot.

Guinea pigs really are social critters and prefer a same sex roomie to pal around with but if the cage is too small, it can lead to fighting.
@Raine59 no I did not have two pigs before. Just bandit, and after bandit I got Ollie.
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