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Scratching Me again....sigh. Worried the other piggy has something?!


Cavy Slave
Jun 4, 2014
Posted yesterday we lost our new baby piggy after a treatment for ringworm. Been a long week. Today, I noticed our other piggy scratching. Now with yesterday's events I'm freaking out this one may have something. However, I'm also beginning to wonder if our piggy that died didn't maybe just have mites?? They didn't treat him for mites, but made an off-handed comment that if it was mites and not ringworm even with the two piggies having never met and being quarantined our other piggy would likely get mites. Is that true?

First, I just want to say how completely angry I will be if they let my piggy suffer and die from mites, treated with the wrong medications, when all that had to be done was treat for mites!!!😡

Second, since I've just about had it with these vets charging us an arm and a leg to do pointless tests and end up with a dead piggy, I'm half tempted to treat for possible mites on my own. Even if I'm not sure yet (it's just been a few scratches today so maybe it's nothing?) can I go ahead and treat him just in case w/out hurting him? Is that what you would do? Where do I get Ivermectin in a diluted concentration in the US?? Is it applied topically?

Third, the vet I would go to said they use Revolution. Is Revolution better than Ivermectin?
Revolution is an analog of ivermectin, so they're very similar.

You can read https://www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin.html and https://www.guinealynx.info/mites.html for information on mites and the treatment. The easiest stuff to use is the .5% pour-on stuff here: (broken link removed). You can get the cheaper horse/cattle paste at a feed store, but I vastly prefer this stuff.

Post back if you have any questions about it.
What about Beaphar topical for guinea pigs? I went ahead and got some of this (shipping from the UK). Looks like it's already correctly diluted and all I have to do is apply?
Beaphar isn't generally considered strong enough to treat for mites. You could have gotten the Dur-Vet as cheaply, and probably quicker.
Well now I'm almost 99% certain it's not ringworm OR mites. It's lice people! Lice!! Just love that NONE of the medicines we were treating our other piggy for was for lice!! I kept checking my other piggy today and luckily he's a silky with long black hair in most places. Makes it pretty easy to finally see lice. I KNEW he was starting to scratch! I combed him with a fine tooth comb tonight and finally saw 2-3 teeny weeny white bugs writhing around behind his ears. I would have had a much harder time seeing them on our prior piggy since he was white/grey and an absynnian....I bet the lice blended right in.

According to guinealynx we should use just plain ole' Advantage?? No Ivermectin, no dips or baths.
Make sure it's the plain Advantage, not Advantage II. Pigs can't have Advantage II.
Make sure it's the plain Advantage, not Advantage II. Pigs can't have Advantage II.

So apparently it's not easy to find plain Advantage any longer without resorting to ebay or online petmed websites. Anyone know where I can get plain Advantage or is there something else we can use? I did read although not as effective for lice, I could try Ivermectin? Anyone had success with Ivermectin for lice? Where do I buy it?
I had a trio of girls with a moderate running lice problem (I could see the bugs but they weren't itching yet), 4 topical doses of Ivermectin behind the ears (each given 1 week apart) and the lice have been gone every since.
They're not making plain Advantage anymore, I believe. The only way you can get it is online.
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