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Fleece Maybe making the switch soon


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Mar 16, 2012
Super excited about this. We're getting a new washer n dryer (no more laundry mats!!!) so I feel more comfortable getting the fleece/u-hual pads.

I plan to change out the fleece/small towels(under the hidys/food) twice a week and the u-huals every other week? Month? Still not sure on the u-hual pads.

I've just got one piggy. (still pushing hubby for 1 more) So maybe he is good on just 1 u-hual pad? Or should I stick with 2?

Detergent. What do you use? I love the smell good Tides. But I don't want the fragrance to bother him.

Washing. We plan on using cold water to save on electricity. I've been speaking with my mom about this and she thinks the cold water would shrink the fleece. o_O I don't think it would. I think it is the washing in general that shrinks it. Regardless, its not going to be made into a pad thingy anytime soon.
I switched to fleece about a month ago, and I really like it. I bought ready made liners, but given how much urine pigs produce even if my fleece and padding were separate, I would wash them both every week. The pads will start to smell if you leave them for two, I think.

Cold water tends not to shrink things. In my experience it's only really tumble-drying that does it.
I use fleece, but have a 10" x 55" coroplast tray filled with hay running along the back of my C & C cage. Most of the urine and stool gets deposited in the tray. I made 3 trays so always have a clean one ready to go and change it out every evening. I have been using hot water to wash my fleece and put them in the dryer and haven't had a problem with them shrinking. I use a scent free laundry detergent from our natural food store for us so that is what I use for the girls' laundry. I put some vinegar in with the wash also. I use a towel under the fleece and made separate waterproof pads to go under their houses. They only pee in the tray or houses (sometimes at night) so I change out those areas everyday and the rest of the cage doesn't get soiled, but I still do a total clean once a week so I can wash down any spray off the sides of the coroplast. I really do love using a combination of materials and I know the girls' appreciate their tray covered in hay.
Whistles is like that @Delaine. He pees most upstairs where all his food is and at night when he goes to bed he pees in his hidy of choice(mostly his pigloo). Then his poo is strewn everywhere xD

I have a hand held vacuum and was also thinking to suck up all the poos everyday.

So I should wash the u-hual pads once a week? Stick with 2 or 1 u-hual pads? Remember this is just 1 piggy (curse you hubby)
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