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Liners Mangnets?


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Cavy Slave
Nov 9, 2011
So I want to make a guinea pig cage liner, but I was wondering: has anyone tried sewing magnets in the fleece and/or uhaul pads? So like, you can just put one on top of the other and have it stick together? I don't have the coroplast yet, so I'm going to use vinyl under the uhaul pads and fleece.
Velcro would work better.
I was thinking that, but does the long get caught up in it too much?
What's a long? I've used the stitchable velcro on the fleece I had on my ramp that attached to the fleece on the second level I used to have. It worked great and I had no problems with it at all.
Lint*. Sorry, autocorrect on iPhones can be annoying sometimes!

Ah okay gotcha, maybe I'll try that instead then!
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