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Mouth Malocclusion advice please?


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Cavy Slave
Apr 6, 2012
Hi Guys

My little Eric was being cared for by a neighbour while I was away on holidays and when I returned, I noticed straight away he has lost a huge amount of weight.

I've looked in Eric's mouth and I am convinced he has a malocclusion. I've managed to get an appointment with the vet for Monday (I really cant afford to go out of hours :( ) but with him being over 7 years old I'm really concerned about taking him there.

In the meantime have been syringe feeding him Critical Care and water to keep him going. He's eating soft fruits and veggies and will eat his pellets if mashed up with water. Despite his lack of appetite, he's still running around like an idiot, squeaking for food, enjoying snuggles and seems his usual self.

When I took my other piggie Ralphie to my local vet, I was convinced he had a UTI but the vet listened to his heartbeat, poked him a bit and diagnosed heart failure. She then basically told me how cruel I would be if I didn't put him down. She was really abrupt and upset me so much. I was in such a state that I let her do it and I have regretted my decision ever since.

I was just wondering if anyone was able to point me in the direction of a good specialist vet in the South Wales area (UK) and also tell me how a malocclusion can be treated, roughly how much it costs and whether or not it would a be a dangerous procedure given his old age!

Thanks in advance!

I'm sorry your pig is having trouble. The thing is, malo doesn't develop overnight, and it's unlikely that malo is the primary problem if he has no history of it. I've had two pigs with malocclusion now and they develop signs and symptoms before two years of age. What is it that makes you think he's got malo?

What I'd consider is having bloodwork done in addition to a thorough tooth/mouth exam and see if there might be something else going on and/or causing the tooth problems. If he needs to be sedated for tooth grinding, the bloodwork will be a good idea, anyway.

And please don't feel pressured by a vet who might urge you to go one way or another with his treatment, whatever the problem may be. He's your pet and whatever you do (or don't) is your decision.
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