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Sexing Male or female???


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Jan 11, 2012
not a young pig but tried the soft pushing approach and nothing protrudes, was told she was female and even checked myself and confirmed what I thought was female before I got her, had 3 'female' guesses but now my female is pregnant from before I got her or as I thought, my husband told me to post these pics just to confirm she is female because we dont want another pregnancy after this one. might add that I did feel something described as the shaft on a male but I felt that further up the tummy a few cm's not right above the genitals. Also did the parting method to see if theres a Y shape and I could see it very extremely confused now!


[GuineaPigCages.com] Male or female???
I tried the test to see if a penis protrudes, no penis actually appears from inside but the skin did kinda role out into a longer penis looking thing (this is so strange to explain!) then went rolled back in. so its like excess skin was definitel inside what I am thinking is a penis now because it is extending for sure with pressure and got longer by at least 3 mm , I still cant see the actual penis come out from inside but am pretty sure a females bits do not have excess skin rolled in. She (or he) got stressed and stated weeking so of coarse I imideiately put her back home, im not gonna over stress her. I hope I am explaining this in an understandable way!

If indeed my Ruby is a male do I need to separate them now or can they stay together til Chilly gives birth? what a week! first an unplanned shock pregnancy, then a cut of ones arm, now a gender confusion!

I am way to attached to them both to give either a way and would never do that, im just so upset because they are so bonded, I dont want to separate them. I am looking into if I can find a vet that would neuter one of them but I dont want that risk of losing one during an operation. The safer option is to separate them I know. If Ruby is a male, he isnt young and it could be really dangerous to operate on him.

I dont know... jut glad I am a member of this forum...
no opinions? I really need some, I still cant get anything to protrude when applying a little pressure. I felt for testicles and am 50% sure she has them but not completely and I definately ca feel a shaft type of thing but cant get any sign of there being a penis.

Calling all veteran guinea pig mothers and fathers to help please!
Woah, unless it is the angle, I see some fairly obvious testes.
I felt the shaft and the testes but I cant get any visible penis, just a couple of mm of extra skin shows?! can a female have any sort of shaft like thing or are they completely smooth under the skin just above genitals? this may sound like a silly question but do females never have any testes type bottoms? straight from left to right?
That's a male. Sometimes it can be difficult to extrude the penis if you don't apply pressure to the exact right spot, but looking at what else is there, I'm willing to be bet there's one tucked away somewhere.

It is rare, but you can get intersex pigs (much like you can get intersex humans -- part of my job is diagnosing things like chromosome-related intersex conditions in humans. Intersex people are more common than most people realise), but that pig looks definitely capable of impregnating a female pig, which is all you need to know, really.
So I think I have a boy then... I'm a bit shocked to be honest and don't know what to make of the situation but I love them both no matter what, will just have to make up another house for the boys and hopefully Chilly will give birth to a boy and girl so they can both have another companion of the same gender. I feel so sad thatill have to separate them but they'll still be next to each other so will be visible, I hope that makes them feel closer because they are very bonded.

I wanted to ask everyone who's opinion was 'male' if it's really clear from the photo or also what I had found when examining her? Tis is important to me as I have been so confused by the way her genetalia look.

Thanks again to all...
I think the first hint was the picture of the male genitals that you posted. ;) The picture is very, very, very clearly male to me. I rarely, if ever, extrude the penis to sex a piggy. I usually just take a peek, and if I'm still unsure (such as with young piggies) I usually just feel for the ridge above the genitals. Usually the visual peek (which sways me one way or the other) and ridge detection as confirmation is enough for me. Based of your picture though, he's definitely a male.
Thanks for your post, my husband and I have already started building another house (I hate the 'cage' word!) i dont want to change her name, I'll keep it being Ruby, or 'he' I should say, gonna take some getting use to though, I'm still saying come on girls! I'm just upset I had to upset Ruby by checking like 5 times! Ruby never wheeks in distress and when I had to check he was scared and softly wheeked a bit until I stroked his head to say everything's ok, I hate upsetting any animal because you can't explain your not going to hurt them or why you have to do something!

Does anyone know how they cope with being separated after bonding? If they can see each other will it make them feel as though they're not separated?
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