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Male guinea pigs fighting


Cavy Slave
May 29, 2012
Hey, I recently bought 2 male guinea pigs (by recently I mean 4 hours ago from this post), they are only about 6~7 weeks old, I put them in a large cage, with two floors, but they have stayed on the first floor, I guess because they're new to it.

But the problem is, I noticed they have been making the rumbling noise, and also when I looked in their cage I noticed some blood in one of the tubes.

I guess they are fighting with each other, that or maybe an accident? Im not sure but if someone could help that would be great.

This is their first night with me, and worried as there is some blood, and not sure which is hurt.

What should I do?

Were they living together previously?
Give the piggies a good look over. Make sure it's nothing serious.
Did you hear squeeling?
What is thier behavior at the moment?
Lots of questions. lol
Yes they were living together previously at the pet store.
Ive had a look, but i cannot see any thing, but i know that they are no longer bleeding.
I cant be sure about the sound, I could only really hear them making the rumbling noise.

At the moment they are sitting in seperate tubes, but I noticed that sometimes one runs to the others, and im not sure if they are going to fight again, or just want to be in the same tube.
Maybe they just had a little argument.
I'd keep an eye on them and if they start to fight seperate them using a towel.
Fighting piggies aren't too careful about who or what they nip.
The rumbling noise is normal but if you see one rise on its hind legs he might start a fight.
How large is your cage? See the main page of this site for size recommendations, and remember that bigger is always better, especially when you're talking about boars.

Make sure there are two hideys, each with an entrance AND an exit, two water bottles, two pellet dishes, and two piles of hay and food.

They may just be out of whack because of the move, or they may have more adjustment problems. Separate them if you see one of them bleeding.
Ok, thanks, will make sure to keep an aye you.

My cage is 100cm width, 54cm depth, and is two floors, around 95cm tall.
They have two hiding tubes, and house, and hay.
I'll get another dish and bottle if needed, I wast sure because they all shared in the store.

When you say separate them, do you mean just stop them from fighting? Or should I move one into the lower area of the cage?, at the moment they are staying in different tubes, but occasionally running into each others
eye on them* sorry, running between comp and cage. scared
You've got less than 8 square feet in that cage, which is awfully small for two males. My recommendation is that you clean it up, take it back, and build a proper C&C cage if you've got room to put one. The C&C will be much cheaper than a store-bought cage anyway.

Second stories don't really count when you're trying to figure out if the pigs have enough room.
yeah is about 5.2 sq feet per floor, to be honest I do not think I can get one much larger, why is it that two story cages do not count?

I would get a larger cage but it would not fit, sorry for that.

By the way, they have calmed down a bit now, and have been eating and drinking no problems, will keep an eye on them and let you know if there are any more problems.
Thanks for your help so far :D

They might be old enemies from high school ;) I've seen my fair share of fights, and many will draw a small amount of blood ... if they persist,then​ it might be something to worry about.
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