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Fleece Making fleece stay


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Dec 29, 2011
I looked around for this question and I couldn't find it so I was just wondering; How do you get the fleece and towels to stay still at the bottom of the cage?
When the piggies run around, doesn't it shift and get all messed up?

Some ideas on how to accomplish this would be nice before I go out shopping for fleece and stuff. I'm not a good sewer and I don't want to have to much...
I use two layers of uhaul blanket and a top layer of fleece wrapped around the uhaul blanket. I haven't had any trouble with it slipping. I do have a brick under the water bottle...but that is for soaking up drips. I don't think the brick helps a lot with keeping the bedding still, but it may help. It works really well.
Hi Lauren,
I had the same problem for the longest time. My piggies would burrow under the fleece and pee/poop all over the towels. It was a mess and very difficult to get all that hay off the towels. When I switched to a C&C cage, I bought fleece that was about 12 inches longer than the base of the coroplast in all dimensions. When I put the fleece down over the towels, I tuck the sides snugly over the sides of the coroplast tray. This works extremely well. Now I only have to vacuum/shake off the fleece. I can throw the towels directly into the washer.
I get a towel and fold it in half. I then get an oversized piece of fleece which I wrap around the towel, then lay it in Shelby's habitat. I don't have any issues with it getting all messed up. If Shelby wants to burrow I take whatever leftover matching fleece I have for that bedding (what?! I'm an interior decorator, I have to match lol) and put it in as a blankie. :cheerful:
I just started using fleece yesterday, but to keep mine in place I used binder clips to clip the fleece to the coroplast edges. Just make sure that you buy the fleece big enough to go up the sides. No issues so far (knock on wood).
if you can't find a way to secure the fleece, try putting a bundle or two of fleece or towels into the cage. hopefully instead of trying to burrow under the cage bottom's fleece, they will burrow into the bundle of fleece that is readily available to them. not to mention they'll have a fun time exploring the new bundled fleece!
I am so happy you posted this. I was wondering the same thing. I had not been putting down anything on the bottom of our coroplast, and the fleece was cut at the exact dimensions as the cage. It is getting really difficult to clean everything!! I was hoping I could put some self adhering velcro to the bottom of the corplast to get the fleece to stay. Would that be ok?
Actually, I've found that the fleece isn't moving a lot all! I was really surprised, I kind of folded it a little under the towels and unless they dig under it, it doesn't move too much!
I have litter pans in the corners of my cage and the fleece don't move much
the only problem i really have with fleec is when im doing daliy cage cleaning (i dont mind the cage cleaning) but the fleece is hard to sweep
I use liners that I make myself, this stops it from coming loose but I didn't always have liners. When I didn't have liners I made sure they had items to hide in (sacks and bent grids with fleece over it). I also used bricks in all four corners, this helped a great deal. Having things they can hide in, for me, stopped them from trying to hide in the fleece. I also have my cages in my living room which makes it easy for me to readjust any bedding, be it the liners, sacks, and so on. Fleece is amazing IMO.

Also if you find that they lift just one area, put a brick there or a container of hay. Try to distract them from what they are doing by placing other things in that area (hay, bricks, food bowls, and so on). I found the only time my pigs did that in the past was when they didn't have anything to hide in or if they were bored.
A brick is an interesting idea.... That also helps with their nails right?
Not really, or I should say not that I have found.
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