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making cozies, futon cover, cuddle cup.......


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Nov 27, 2004
OK well i was planning on buying these things from someone but realized I don't have enough money so i decided to make them and i have a few questions.

1. How big should the cozies be. I have an adult male gp. Also is it ok if it is just made out of one layer of fleece?

2.What do people use for the futon cover? I am using a bent grid to make this.

3. How can i make a cuddle cup? Is best to make it out of fleece? I would like the the easiest way possible to make one becasue i am not a good sewer.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you
I made a cozy for my girls. You want to make it so it's large enough for your biggest pig (full grown pig) can fit inside comfortably. I didn't measure mine except to measure it to the pig. I used some fake fur stuff on the inside and fleece on the outside. For a cuddle cup you could make the inside fleece so it wicks away moisture if they pee, but I imagine you could use whatever type of fabric you want on the outside.

I don't know about the futon cover as I have not attempted one of those yet. I would say you could make it out of fleece as well, maybe two layers of fleece with a thin layer of cotton batting inside.
ok thank you. I am going to try and make some cozies soon. I was wondering if the opening should be on the wide end of the cozy or on the smaller end. I have seen pictures of both so i am not sure.

For the cuddle cup i think i am going to try and make this one i saw here made out of a towel.

For the futonI am not sure what i am going to use. I have fleece but i don't have cottom batting and what is he pees on it?Does anyone know what they used here?
The couch is against the side on the right.

Any other ideas?
That piggie bedroom is AWESOME! I would also like to know what was used. From the picture I can't really tell how many different pieces are involved and how they are made.
It looks to me like it's fleece. I could be wrong though.
it looks like it is fleece and towels.
It looks to me like it's different patterned fleece for the various cozies and pillows and things. I love those patterns though.

On the cozy, make the opening on the large end so they have more room to get in and out. That's the way I have seen most of them made.
Ok thank you that is really helpful.

For the futon i am putting towels then fleece.

For the cuddle cup i am using fleece on the inside and towel then felt on the outside.
cinn&sprinslave said:
This a pretty explainatory site with directions on how to make cozies and fouton covers--
FYI - I made some cozies from this site and they ended up being too small. When my piggies grew I ended up giving them to my friend who has rats. You might want to make them larger. (Either that or my pigs are too fat!)
LiciaMommycott said:
FYI - I made some cozies from this site and they ended up being too small. When my piggies grew I ended up giving them to my friend who has rats. You might want to make them larger. (Either that or my pigs are too fat!)
She doesn't have to make the cozies the same size as the site suggested. She can make them what ever size she wants. I just thought it was a helpful site for instructions on how to sew a cozie.
I totally agree. I thought the site was very helpful. Next time I would use the same instructions but just make it larger.
ok thank you! This is what I have decided to do....

1. I am going to make the cozies big like, 9" by12'' (about) with the opening on one of the 12" sides. '

2. I am going to cover the grid with a towel then put two layers of fleece. Is it ok if i just clip it to the back of the grid with binder clips?

3. I am making the inside fleece them felt on the outside then towel in between. Is that ok?

Thanks for all your help!
Sounds good. I hope you take some pictures when your done so we can see your great work!
I sure will!!! I made the futon and i need to make the cuddle cup still and I am not sure if i am going to make the cozies becuse I don't think my guinea pig will use them. He doesn't really like to sleep in things but rather on top of things that is why I am making the cudde cup.
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