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Upper Levels making a second level


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Oct 7, 2011
I have two piggies one is a boy (think he is an adult) and one is a baby girl in a
3 by 5 cage does anyone else have two level 3 by 5 cages not sure how big i should make it.
I have a 2 level 3x5 cage. The bottom is obviously a 3x5 and the loft is 1x3.

Are you trying to stack the cages so you have 2 seperate 3x5's? One for your boy and one for your girl or is one of them fixed so they can live together?
no he is getting fixed asap so they can play together
i was just I just thought they might need more room because of the boy
do you have a boy? They their grease glands get real yucky but it doesnt look that bad
is it cause he didnt go through puberty yet?
I can pm you later?
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