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Reference Making a door - time saver!!


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Mar 24, 2012
So I've seen many posts about how people have cut out and filed down the wires of their cubes to be able to make a door. I had some of these type grids I purchased to make the bottom portion of my cage because they were cheaper than the regular grids (didn't buy them from Sears, I found them at Walmart but I can't find them online at Walmart.com so I posted the sears link)

Anyway, since the black circular stuff is plastic instead of metal bars, you can just cut out the plastic and then zip tie another grid in front of this and you have an instant door!! Saves all sorts of time because you don't need to use wire cutters and file stuff down, and there are no sharp edges!

This works really well under a second level so you have support for the level and can easily clean underneath!

I hope this helps someone else, it made my life so much easier!! :)
Thank you so much for that! I'll be making my cage soon, and this is one of the biggest things I was confused about doing! I'll definitely be keeping this in mind when I build my cage! :cheerful:
Thanks for posting the link! Most people report buying these at WalMart, but I have never been able to find them at any store in my area. When I was searching for them, Sears never came up in any of the searches. Good lookin' out for finding them online at Sears.

When I found them at Walmart, they were on clearance from college storage stuff - you might have better luck finding them once school starts up again. The ones I got at Walmart were for 4 cubes instead of 2 and they were $10-$12/box (again, on clearance).
Thank you for this!! I really needed it because I am going to do a sort of ''cage extension'' when I'm home from school with a grid playpen so they can just go in and out of their cage for extra room.:)
What did you cut the plastic with? Was it easy to cut? It still seems like it would be a hassle to cut.
What did you cut the plastic with? Was it easy to cut? It still seems like it would be a hassle to cut.

I just cut it with regular scissors - it wasn't too hard to cut, much easier than trying to cut one of the wire ones with wire cutters and then using a dremel to file it down!!
Would you possibly be able to post a picture? I'm having a hard time imagining it and I think a picture would be helpful. Thanks! :)
Dunno how much these pics are going to help but you can see it with the door closed:
[GuineaPigCages.com] Making a door - time saver!!

and the door open:

[GuineaPigCages.com] Making a door - time saver!!
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