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Behavior Makes a noise when walking?


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Apr 27, 2012
Hi everyone. I have a question about my piggie, Pierre. Since I moved him and his buddy, Fish, over to their new C&C cage, I've noticed he makes an odd noise when he walks.

It's like a warbley noise... about halfway between their wheeking and complaining noise.

I was just wondering, if anybody else has noticed that their pig makes a noise while trotting around in their cage?
I don't think it's rumble strutting. Most owners whose pigs do it call it "burbling." They just sort of talk to themselves, or the other pigs, or to you, as they're puttering around.

Rumble strutting has sort of a deep long rumble, often accompanied by butt wagging.
Yes, it sounds lot like "burbling". Thanks for the replies. :)
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