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Mah Piggehs


Cavy Slave
May 23, 2012
my name is Melissa I have two little guinea pigs one is about a year old and is pure black named Toshiyo. The other is Max. He is a few months old and is brown and white. They are absolutely adorable and I love them! I love to watch them eat their veggies because they'll chase each other and steal carrots LOL
I also love it when I come up to the cage sometimes Toshiyo will come up and bite my nose. awww it makes my day. I know I sould like a nerd LOL.
Welcome! You don't sound like a nerd at all. I love it when my piggies come up to the side of their cages and sniff me or lick my fingers and let me pet them. Please post pigtures if you have some.
Ooh,yes. I love piggie pictures! Toshiyo and Max sound like oodles of fun!

My name is also Melissa. Melissa's are the best kind of people. Welcome to the forum!
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